Random Questions


What came first the game or the animation? I remember both being equally cool yet my memory of it is so obscure.

May well just be a well produced pile of garbage.

What’s the critique?


Does anybody else get really bad muscle pain after having some drinks the night before? For the last 6 months or so each time I get a bit beved up I wake up with screaming pains in all my muscles and joints. Its really unlike my normal hangovers. Anyone else get this or is my meat sack slowly dying as the earth circles the sun?


Doug TenNapel is a bad person with bad opinions.

Earthworm Jim is fun in spite of that, and the video game happened before the cartoon came out.


Alcohol interferes with lactic acid somehow which may be related. Someone who knows more about biology could probably describe exactly what it does or if that is even it.


That is probably just Dts. Nothing to worry about…


My understanding is that alcohol can significantly contribute to dehydration, and dehydrated muscles let you know they need fluids by screaming at you. It could be as simple as needing more water.

Try making it a point to drink more water before/during/after a drinking session and see if that helps.


Yes I have that happen. It has something to do with your liver processing alcohol and stopping lactic acid processing or producing lactic acid itself.


I suspect it might be that. Its dam hot half the time and no matte how much water I’m drink still thirsty.


Try drinking one of those little hangover cures in the tiny metal bottles before drinking next time and see if that helps? I’ve never had the body pain afterwards, but I find they help prevent morning-after dry mouth, so maybe they’ll help with that, too.


They are good but its a 40 mins walk to the conbini and I’m trashed when I walk back.


Fatty acids help with the removal of lactic acids, which is why it seemingly helps a hangover by eating a burger or some fast food or something.


What are you drinking? For some reason certain Japanese alcoholic beverages, mostly stuff in cans like Chu-hai and those foul Suntory highballs in a can gave me raging hangovers even if I only had a couple.


Oh yeah for sure. This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to drinking :stuck_out_tongue: I think the heat might be doing it really. Even on a good day its hard to get enough water in.

I steer clear of Chi-hai and the like as they get me six to the wind. Normally just beer and sake, I learnt in the first week those things were evil.


My buddy and I accidentally got super trashed in a park on vending machine chu-hai one night. I don’t know what it is about those things but you’re not wrong that they get you real fucked up real fast.


Oh they are the worst. Every time I head out to the city for a festival or gig I see people smashed on those things. Just dangerous to drink. The beer is a bit better as its not as gassy as the larger, but the taste isn’t the best. Did diver up to Nakatusgawa in Gifu to see the castle and found a sake brewery that lets you walk around in it. Was good fun…might have got drunk on the ‘tasters’.


Oh I’ve done that a few times at beer breweries back here at home in the US, that’s always fun. But I learned like you have to stick to beer and mixed drinks when I was in Japan. Sadly unless you can find decent imports or on the rarest of occasions some of the upstart craft beer breweries, Japanese beer is kinda shit. Regular Kirin was my go to, wasn’t amazing but at least drinkable. Asahi Super Dry which seemed really popular was about the nastiest beer I’ve ever had.


There are some more coming up, that aren’t trying to be american for once which is nice. I think they are slightly changing the law that prevented people from legally home brewing. Did have a miso beer last month, was pretty good actually.

haha yeah need to keep an eye out. There is a local speciality here where someone brews their own sake, then goes out into the woods and finds some really angry hornets. He takes a couple of them and drowns them in the sake. Then leaves it to ferment for a couple of months till its ready to drink. My friend drank it and lost two days.

Yeah Sapporo gold is pretty good as they go, their dark beer is arse water. Asahi dry is just the worst.


Most Japanese beer is very samey, but it makes sense for how most Japanese people drink. After a long muggy summer day (possibly at work), a cold lager is nice. It’s also easy to drink and not very heavy, which is what most Japanese people want, hence the prevalence. I just wish there were more variety (and that the fall beers were available for longer). Like Amp said, there were tax laws making production of craft beers cost-prohibitive, but those are changing, so hopefully there will be more variety in the future.

I hadn’t heard of that before, but they make habushu in the south, so that’s not too surprising. Does it also help with…male vitality?


Its one of those local drinks they make deep in the country side. The bloke who brews it lives underground, I have to go through like a strange drinking ritual to prove that I can drink before someone will take me too him. It sounds great fun, and isn’t the nuttiest quest I have been on since moving here.


What was the nuttiest quest?