Random Questions


I was told Sesame place is “too kiddie” for an 8 year old and I am in Northern DE.


Minature golf, bowling, and maybe go carts. Bowling should have the rails that pop up ability too. Make it easier for first timers.


I’d definitely say nature or science museum. Kids love that stuff and it’ll be fun for you too.


I’ll second/third/fouth a science museum or aquarium!


Are there any castles or a tank museum? My Grandfather used to take me to those sorts of places. Anything that is interactive I would say.


How do you pronounce anti-fa? Is it like antipasta or more like antiface?


What’s going on here?



Probably nothing anymore, I predict the most recent post to be the last.



More like antipasta, but obviously with Fa instead of Pa. And without the sta. And not as filling.


Depends on their girth



Where’s the thread for show suggestions?



I always said it like anti fa (that doesn’t help!) but I heard Cenk on TYT pronounce it anteefa which I quite like.


Can anyone, from memory, tell me what Earthworm Jim was about?


He was a worm that got a super suit and would fight bad guys.


And he had to rescue Princess What’s Her Name.


The art design.