Random Questions


That’s a Necromancy spell isn’t? I doubt a vampire would be dumb enough to attack a mage that can bind and control the undead.


I think I get your meaning. If magic and vampires did exist. There is no way you would venture the world outside, without a kit of some kind in dealing with the undead. “Be Prepared.”


The parameters were to stop a vampire with non-holy magic. Everything else wasn’t part of the scope.

Additionally, slap this on any death spell.


what does it mean to suppress the life force? the target is not only hurt but can’t heal or be healed either? Are they slowly losing health? damage over time kind of thing?


I’m moving to DC soon and need to pick an ISP. My choices are RCN or Comcast. For current or former DC residents, which one is the better pick and why?


That’s a regular inverse Sophie’s Choice right there.


Eyup. Right now the only difference I can see is RCN’s $10-20 less expensive than Comcast for comparable speeds (as advertised).

Edit: And that RCN apparently doesn’t support IPv6.


RCN has been pretty good to me so far in the Boston area.


I’m a DC resident, if you’re going for only an internet connection RCN is better than Comcast. Better support, and fewer people report issues with them. I don’t know about cable or related services.


A long time ago there was a thing of the day of a car race up a hill. The driver starts out normal, then tilts up on two wheels, and drives by the cameras showing an ad on the bottom of the car.

Anyone know what that was?


What are the ethics of working for an American defense contractor? Specifically in electronic warfare (basically wireless communications and the disruption thereof)? I have an interview coming up.


The fuck is a soft boy and why are people on my facebook going on about it.


I don’t think I could really explain what it is, but as for the reason it’s probably Nick Robinson.


The exact opposite of a hard lad.


Thought so sounded like the type of boy that avoided the scrum in rugger.


Ok real question. What would be a good day trip/weekend trip you would take an 8 year old to?


Do you have any aquariums or science/natural history museums nearby? Those were always my favorite trips as a kid.


In what area? 15 characters


You’re close enough to Sesame Place.


Easy hiking trails are pretty fun for kids.