Random Questions


I don’t know if this is what that is, but someone did ask me for your address recently. They gave me no info beyond that. They are obviously an FRC person and I didn’t give your address out to some rando stranger.


The mystery has been solved. It was from awesome people for me being an awesome person. I feel loved and appreciated. :smiley:

What is funny, literally minutes after I posted on various internets, I get an IM “Did you get a package today?”

And found the perfect use for it:


So if we took all the fish, boats and stuff like that of the ocean would its level go down at all?


If you remove all the things listed on the Wikipedia biomass table larger than plankton using largest the estimates, using an ocean surface area of 510 million square kilometers, assuming all living things are made entirely out of water, the ocean will go down 743.14118 nm. Although I possibly messed up my decimal place somewhere.

I imagine boats probably matter even less.


Fermi calculations are the best calculations.


But how much gelatin would be needed to turn the entire ocean into Jello? And what flavor would each ocean and sea be?



Long story short, there’s more boats in the ocean than fish.


Well thank you for that!


So I finished my paralegal certificate program with excellent grades. Yay! Now I have to look for work with nothing but my degrees and retail support work to put on my resume. Boo. Any suggestions for how to make it look good?


You learned from retail how to deal with asshole customers and as paralegal dealing with asshole lawyers can’t be all that different.


Oh for sure. Or asshole clients for that matter.


I don’t know about where you are, but around here you can find a social group for basically any career, make some friends and do the linkedin thing.