Random Questions


I want to buy music, not sell it.


Bandcamp, that is the #1 artist friendly platform


Listen on Spotify. Then go to the artist’s web site and just send 'em cash. Patreon. Buy some merch. Hell, Spotify will always let you know when an artist is performing in your area. If you got cash, there are other ways to give it to the artist without buying an mp3. They’ll get the same amount of money in the end, plus some pennies every time you stream them.


I already said not everything’s on Bandcamp.


I’ve been getting a lot of emails here lately about privacy policy updates from all sorts of companies. Anybody else experiencing the same deal?


Yes, it is because of GDPR


These companies all want to keep operating in Europe, so they have to comply.


How the FUCK do I explain to my conservative friends in a concise way they’ll understand/accept that Nazis are nothing like modern Democrats?


It’s likely impossible. If an adult with an internet connection doesn’t know simple things about history it’s because they don’t want to know or accept the truth. They already believe in an ideology that boils down to “the best reason I have for doing things today is that I did them yesterday”.


You probably can’t. If they believe that, they’re already in some dangerous circles…


They have openly posted on Facebook about how they are/will be waiting for the government to come for their guns (despite all historical evidence pointing to IF [and that’s a big if] the government ever banned guns it’d be directed at ethnic and religious minorities) and REALLY likes our conservative christian governor who thought the best way to counter the opioid epidemic in our state was to paint rocks.


Yeah… I really hate to tell you this, and I don’t know them personally… But I would suggest considering cutting them off.


Hah. Sorry, I doubt you’ll make any difference. People like that have bought into some crazy propaganda that the left will literally take away their guns or something else that maybe some want, but won’t actually happen. A fascist right is much more likely to actually come for your guns once they feel solidly in control.


I just remembered there is a new kid on the block for this loudr.com it is smaller than bandcamp but it is a big pay as you want platform.


It’s time to burn some bridges my dude.


These are probably the same people who think the Nazis were a left-wing ideology. Sad to say but, like others have said, you may need to cut them off.

They’ve gone behind “conservative” into full on “right-wing wacko” mode at this point.


Just out of curiosity, was Google not working for anyone else for a while this morning? It seems to be working fine now, but for a while there, I kept getting security alerts or something.


Maformed SSL handshakes? I’ve been getting them on and off for the past day or so, yeah.


Anyone know if that ToTD rss feed is still working and if so where is it?



This information is available on our web site



I’m very used to forgetting about ordering stuff until it arrives in the mail. However I am 100% sure I did not order this. It has to be a gift. Jeremy swears he did not buy this. I’m 100% stumped.

But this is from Barbara Robertson Pottery and I’ve never heard of her until today. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BRobertsonPottery

If anyone knows anything, please let me know. If not, it will bother me FOREVER.