Random Questions


I always brought wine back from Paris and London. (Parisian wine in the case of the latter).

I just declared it and kept it under the value where I’d have to pay a duty. Totally fine in the checked bags.


It can’t be carry-on ever. The exceptions to that rule are so rare that you should just pretend they don’t exist.


I once carried some honey from Pitcairn Island in my carryon. Turns out that runny honey is considered a liquid, and it was confiscated. I had too attempts at getting it through security, succeeded on the second attempt, but was then chases through the airport by some agents who took it off me.

I never did taste Pitcairn Island honey, and if you know geography you’ll probably understand why I likely never will. It’s not the kind of place you end up visiting twice.


I wish your idea of Danger Airlines with no security existed. So stupid.


Anyone have any recommendations for a fireproof safe? It’s almost exclusively for storing documents. Most of the ones on Amazon have bad reviews but I don’t know if that’s just weird people alert.


Scan all your papers and store them securely and digitally. Shred the dead trees.


Still need dead tree birth certificates and passports and social security cards. Most things are fine as scanned documents but some stuff you have to keep around.


I keep mine in a regular old drawer. If they are destroyed, I can get new ones. It may be annoying and difficult, but it won’t be impossible. Not the end of the world.


Yeah that’s true, maybe I should be looking for a scanner. To be honest some of these things are probably found digitally already but our mortgage is like 60+ pages and I’m not gonna scan all that.


Maybe look for a scanner with a feeder instead of one with only a flatbed.


I saw some Jesus-y types protesting… something on a street corner today, not even sure what they were on about but it got me thinking. Why do evangelical christians care so damn much about how everyone else lives? If we’re all sinful heathens by their standards and going to hell anyway why are they so keen to point it out all the time? They’ve got theirs as far as they believe why bother the rest of us and try to shit up the government and so on?


The answer is in their name. Evangelical Christians are required to EVANGELIZE and try to convert everyone to Christianity.


I can’t speak to the majority of evangelicals, though I think JAbrams has got ya there. But at one point in my past I became fascinated with why the westboro baptist church were such complete human garbage.

In their specific case, their particular brand/interpretation/whatever of bible-ism basically states that the only people that go to heaven are the people who behave like they do. It’s very chicken and egg. If you’re one of god’s chosen, you go around with signs telling everyone how shit they are, if you aren’t doing that, then you aren’t one of god’s chosen and therefore do not pass go and collect $200.

It’s pretty shitty to be honest.


Still doesn’t really explain it though. Isn’t part of the belief that you ACTUALLY have to believe and SAY you believe? Just because you change laws or otherwise force me to act like you doesn’t make me actually believe what you do.


True, but if you change the laws and force people to act a certain way, it’s easier to get them to act the way you want, rather than “sin.” It’s a step in the process.

Think about it this way: To the Evangelicals, going to heaven requires two things (I’m oversimplifying it, but go with me here): Believe X and Don’t Do Y. If they can make Y illegal, then they’re halfway there.


It’s really that simple…?


There’s also the whole X is an affront to God kind of thinking. I mean if a certain thing is cosmically bad it makes some amount of sense to try to reduce the instances of that thing even if you aren’t personally doing it.


Oh like, “you allowed XYZ sinful stuff to go on therefore you’re complicit” kind of thinking?


Back in college, I took a class on religious fundamentalism. As part of the class, we had speakers come in to talk to us about their religions. It was actually pretty cool.

The thing you have to realize, which is hard for most other people, is that Evangelicals believe in a literal Hell. There is a Hell, with Satan and demons and suffering and if you don’t do what they do, you’re going to burn there for all eternity. I still remember the confidence and how sure our speaker was when he talked about all this. It was both a little impressive and a little freaky.

He told the class, and it’s been a while so I’m trying to remember the exact analogy, but he told us that if you knew, with 100% certainty, that if you went through the doorway out of class, a murderer was waiting for you on the other side to kill you, don’t you have a responsibility to do pretty much ANYTHING to try and prevent people from going through that door? That’s how Evangelicals feel.

They know, with 100% certainty, that if people don’t believe what they do, act the way they do, they will go to Hell. Not some metaphorical analogy of hell, but literal fire and brimstone HELL. You, me, everyone. As a result, one of the major tenets of their faith is to preach to try and save the rest of us.

I remember specifically asking the guy a hypothetical question: If there was a baby, who was born in some cut-off-from-civilization Amazon rain forest tribe, who never had the opportunity to even hear about Jesus, let alone, convert, and that baby died, would that baby go to Hell? And he answered immediately and unequivocally YES.

That’s the type of people these are. Their faith is something, that as rational people, we can’t even comprehend.


This is some shit I tell you what. And it’s stuff like that that always brings me to what’s God’s end goal here? What is the point of all of this?