Random Questions


I agree that it can can be anything you could consume: visual, audio, smell, touch, taste, etc. To argue only sighted people can experience AR is asinine.


Does anybody know how to get calibre to format books so that there isn’t spaces every other line or the text is the size for ants?


With epub, it’s literally a zip file of html that you can edit to make changes.


I tried that but for some reason the changes don’t stick. I either end up with a strange spacing every two lines or minute text, despite changing the basic text size.


Is there a general opinion in the trans community on whether trans women compete in men’s or women’s sports leagues? It’s a topic I see pop up from time to time but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a trans person weigh in.


I have an example for you.

If you can play, you can play. No matter what someone’s gender is, they should always be eligible to play in one league or the other. If a person is somehow ineligible for both simultaneously, that’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Once it is determined which league someone is eligible for, they should make, or not make, a team based on the same meritocracy that applies to all athletes.

Do not ask me what criteria to use to decide which person goes in which league, because I could not be less qualified to answer that.


Your question reminds me of the very, very ugly reaction to a trans female MMA fighter named Fallon Fox. Fair warning, there is extreme transphobia in there. People said disgusting stuff.