Random Questions


Index funds are great.


What is admitme.tv?


Looks like one of them fancy private trackers with impossible-to-get invites.


Short term and/or Long term disability insurance. Worth it?

It is open enrollment at work. I was thinking of just keeping everything the same, but I noticed that I’m paying about $35/month each for STD and LTD. I remember adding them a few years ago, but I don’t remember them being that much money. Should I keep them or not?


I have both. I feel like it’s worth it.


How much STD & LTD does your company provide and how much is your $35/month buying you over their base amount?


Fuck yes keep it. What if you get hit by a bus?


AFAIK there is no base amount. I either pay for it, or get nothing.

I was thinking this. I was also thinking, what if I DON’T get hit by a bus? I’m out like, $850. I haven’t been hit by a bus yet, so…


I mean, I’m sure that if you asked, Rym would be willing to break into your apartment wearing a ski mask and break your hands with a lead pipe so that you can make use of the disability insurance.


My company pays for my LTD, and STD pays out on a lot of stuff (at least, mine does). The way I figure, what would you buy with the $70 extra a month that’s more valuable to you than the coverage you’re going to get if you’re unable to work for six weeks to a year? You probably have good savings, so it may actually be worth it to drop them, cus you’re a pretty healthy guy. I’m a wreck, so I’m maxed out on both.


How much does your $35/month get you?


A nice percentage of my salary in the case I am unable to work and my work stops paying me.


I get something like 60% salary for LTD if it occurs. I pay $12/mo.

I could pay more for more, but that % seems like enough.


60% maxes out my LTD, but I don’t pay a red dime for it, so IDGAF.

And between short term and hospital indemity I’m pretty safe from accidents.


I pay a few dollars a month for a 2x multiplier on my free life insurance as well.


If I had dependants or was married, I’d probably do that, but right now the only person who depends on my salary is me, Naviant, and Sallie Mae, so…


I was asking about the specific amount because I have put together benefits packages before and could let you know if there are individual plans that may provide more/the same for less.


Mattresses, at least good ones, are the most comfortable surfaces to lay or sit upon.

Then why do chairs and couches and other things have boring cushions? Why shouldn’t they just be smaller mattresses?


Tradeoff between material thickness and levels of comfort. Thinner materials, less cushioning.


Got into a stupid internet argument about whether AR must include a camera/visual component or not. I think intuitively AR could be just about anything, audio, visual, smell, even just location based gps data.

Random reference I found on the subject.

Anyone here have any thoughts they want to throw at that topic?