Random Comments


Hold on, That’s not actually random. It only APPEARS to be since we don’t have the key to decrypt it.


I just realized that by moving to DC I’ll be able to go to Magfest next year.


Something I like about making music is that there aren’t any words so it’s harder to get distracted by sad things.


Hey dude, is everything alright? You said this on twitter a while back and I’m starting to worry.


I just opened up this thread and the draft was just sitting there.


It is entirely possible that the key doesn’t exist, the message IS random, and it’s just a trap to make us spend a bunch of compute trying to guess the key.



There was so much potential in The Matrix and then the sequels had to just go way too far.


Shit man, Okaja, Little Witch series one, GLOW and Killjoys season 2 all came out in the last ten days or so, my productivity is through the bloody roof.


I very much enjoyed GLOW. It felt like it stalled out a couple of times, but was generally funny and charming enough to pull through it.


Depending on which definition you use, that is random.


The night train I took to the airport left half an hour late and arrived forty minutes early. While arriving early is certainly better than late, I just wish that they would depart and arrive at the posted times. That seems to be beyond China, though.


If only other countries could follow Japan’s lead on public transit punctuality…


See you say that, and the trains are pretty good over here, but lord some times they just go mad for no good reason! That and there is the subway. No matter where you are if its rush hour or late and your a woman your going to have a bad time.

That said I love how good the AC and heaters are.


They do, see Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea. Can’t comment on others.
Perth, Australia is pretty good but frequency increase would be useful.


I it always cracks me up when people find out they can’t learn Japanese by just watching anime, and the sand that follows. I mean would you learn English by just watching Rick and Morty.


I think a bunch of native english speakers may be the single least qualified group to ask about best ways of learning english. The answer is be born in an english speaking country. It’s both technically correct and profoundly unhelpful and all I’m qualified to talk about.


To be fair you can definitely pick up some vocabulary and basic phrases and grammar but without study you’re not getting far. That said anime can be a fun study aid if you put effort into it. I figured out how adjectives are nominalized watching anime.


I learned how to say “ultimate destiny apocalypse” in Japanese from anime what else would I need?


That is the thing its an aid not the soul source. What sort of grinds my gears is people who think its the only tool that they need. Its like people think Piro from Megatokyo is a real person to follow.

@Naoza To be fair you can say that for all languages really. I mean chirst of the 5 people I regularly talk to three of them speak completely different dialects and none of them are the same as the area I’m in.

@Greg I did use the Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mo shindeiru.