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As the previous most popular topic on the forum please find below; random comments.

In the words of Pegu:

So I bought a sporran, and traditional Scottish long socks to go to a Burns Night supper up in Scotland! Gee whizz I hope they are cool with having an English dude with a vaguely Scottish surname in their national dress celebrating their national poet’s birthday with plenty of drinks.

I was listening to one of my favorite anime adaption songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gxyul9_GlaA

which has this great violin solo at the end and wondered who performed it. The violinist, Hiroaki Yura has had an interesting and a bit sad career since he stopped playing violin. He was in charge of Eminence Online which did video game music orchestral concerts but that has gone defunct. He was producing an anime OAV “Under the Dog” through Kickstarter but was either forced out or stepped down voluntarily. He was also kickstarting an indie video game called “Phoenix Project” was definitely too ambitious and led to years of delay.

I just feel sorry for the guy who reached too far during the Kickstarter craze when he should have focused on music. The music of the game is definitely better than indie game level but the gameplay looks like it’ll never be finished. It’s just a shame that he way overreached instead of doing good music work like he did on “Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi.”

I definitely spent too much time creeping on his twitter but are some lowlights:




I’ve got two songs written but I’m having trouble getting lyrics. I know what they’re about but I can’t find words. If anyone can help it’d be appreciated.

Burns Supper is one of my favorite get together with friends of the year. Have a great time, do you like haggis?

Textiles are a funny thing. I can - and have - carved complex shapes out of solid metal with sub-millimeter precision, with no computer assistance, no CNC. And yet, I’m still amazed every time I manage to cut a bunch of straight lines in stiff fabric on the high-speed rotary cutter without losing a finger or just veering off in a random direction.

Today I saw a twister.

That kinda needs more detail? Last time I saw a real twister it was a water spout offshore, which I promptly flew away from. Where did you see one (and glad your ok).

Patagonia. It was off in the distance, over a hill. It’s mostly dusty desert around here, so I’m sure nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt. It looked more like a super sized dust devil that a huge tornado coming down from a storm cloud.

I just changed my age on Facebook. Hoping that will stop the constant barrage of penis enhancement, hair growth, stamina growth, and other assorted advertising targeting middle aged men.

I am also tired of the constant [insert subculture]-dating advertisements that seem to be targeted to every possible group I interact within FB.

I use Adguard on my phone and it blocks most advertising but the FB mobile site is now inundated. If anyone knows of a good mobile ad blocking option for Android I would be most appreciative.

Don’t use the Facebook app, but an internet browser plus ad blocker; I believe that you can use uBlock on Firefox’s mobile app for Android.

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I use the mobile FB site and Adguard.

Installed both, thanks!

root+adaway \15characters

I’ve decided to try going vegetarian (after finishing the contents of my fridge since throwing that out wouldn’t help anything). For the past few months eating meat has seemed pretty indefensible, at least for a relatively-wealthy person in the first-world, and I realized that I’ve been convinced of that for a while but just hadn’t been willing to make the jump. Honestly I’m not convinced that anything short of near-veganism is morally justifiable, but I don’t see myself managing to go that far anytime soon.

Which type of vegetarian? Do you still consume dairy, honey, and/or eggs?

Yes to dairy, honey and eggs, no to fish an poultry (do some people still consider pescatarians to be vegetarians?). In terms of animal cruelty it seems to be arbitrary, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

I cannot help but completely agree not just for animal cruelty reasons but also for resources. However, for a whole list of reasons, I’ve never made the jump completely. I’ve done what I consider to be the next best thing, and done a half measure. I’m eating less meat. I’m refusing to define it further than that.

A more eloquent man than I said it much better than I could:


I wonder why Hallmark is incapable of / unwilling to make quality English language cards. They sell beautiful cards in Japan and Korea and I saw a really pretty Spanish language Valentine’s Day card tonight. But for some reason, everything of theirs I’ve seen in English is garbage.

Roy Wood Jr just tweeted this “black space college” joke and I really hope he knows what he’s referencing.

Scam Business Idea: Homeopathic LSD Microdosing. Sell rich white people little bits of paper that had water on it at some point.

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This in terms of animal cruelty.

However most things in-between is often people kidding themselves.
I mean do whatever you want but being vegan or vegetarian is nonsense considering humans are omnivores and our gastrointestinal system is made specifically for that.

Since I’ve lived with many vegetarians in my life so far, I would recommend stocking up on some whey or soy protein powder in the transition phase and possible for longer, also know where you’re getting calcium, phosphorous and zinc in your diet. You don’t need a lot or supplements, just make sure they are part of your diet somewhere.

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