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See here’s my thing about that is that seems to me to be counter to what is intended in the game and borderline cheating; Not in the sense of an aimbot or ESP hack but not in the spirit of the game. I know most people do it but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
[/quote]Here’s a random hot tip - the ruins in the south, there’s some fucking good loot there. I’ve dropped near there a few times, and every time I’ve walked out with a good AR, a decent shotgun, lv2 armor/helmet, and usually a level 2 or 3 backpack, but nobody ever seems to go there.


Bonnaroo man arrested for selling fake drugs. "He was found in possession of 37 pills made to look as if they were molly, 22 bags of fake mushrooms, approximately 1,000 hits of fake acid, 20 bags made to look like cocaine, and an incense stick made to look like black tar heroin”


Couple thoughts about Amazon buying Whole Foods.

  1. Most obvious short term thing (in the next 1-2 years) is to use the stores to rapidly expand the Amazon Fresh Pickup service, which has been really successful locally.
  2. What I REALLY hope is they use the stores as an avenue to roll out the Amazon Go tech because that is literally industry changing, and other stores should be scared when it gets broad adoption. I suspect that will take a bit longer though, hopefully a prototype within a year and full adoption in 3-5.


I’m curious how older non-tech people will react to Go.


The game, the AI that plays the game, or the programming language?


Maybe the verb?


Why are we talking about Pokemon?


I suspect not well. They will need to figure out how to deal with people who don’t use the app which is how you get into the store and determines how you pay. I suspect some kind of card system that you get on entry and give to a cashier when you are ready to pay and leave.


I usually differentiate by saying golang.


Yeah, the concept was interesting but Baxter tends to make very flat characters.


So I’m trying to do a logo design for this Airsoft team that is forming. Part of the brief is that it needs to be inclusive for all, as in nationality and gender. Now the logo is coming along fine. Buuut having to use the phrase ‘brotherhood’ is a super pain in the arse. Reads terribly. Gives off this really strange vibe and doesn’t tick one of the major boxes.


What’s the name of the team?


Thy voted for ‘International Airsoft Brotherhood’. Which is some motto bullshit if I ever saw it.


Man, airsoft and paintball team names are the worst. Usually. Some groups take it a little too far. Just a little. Just a skosh.

Also if they voted for Brotherhood then despite it not being all-inclusive in most use-cases you’ll just have to roll with it.

Better off with something like Family or Collective or Society or something.


Its really a pain. My friend and I got into if for fun, but sods law there is one guy who takes it super serious. This is the same nutter bugger from my recent Fail of the Day posts. He was all about ‘keeping military skills sharp’ and other nonsense. There was talk of joining some competitions but sod that it will just be to tacticool serious. The other names where things like; United Nations Airsoft, International Aichi Airsoft and things like that. Its just a pain in the arse really.


You know you and your friend aren’t super serious. What about the others who aren’t that guy? If they are also chill, you can collectively ask that guy to either chill out or leave. Let him know none of you are serious like he is. If the others actually want to be serious, then you and your friend should find a different group.


Mostly people doing it for a bit of fun and a chance to play with toy guns, like the cool kids we are. There is one other guy who is a bit serious about it. But he describes it as catharsis for his army days. Which does lead to the funny juxtaposition between him and the nutter but there we go. My friend and I are still pretty new to it all so we are tagging a long for now but yeah if it takes a turn for the worst then we are just going to do our thing. The problem being is that it is a relativity small group in my area so it does make it harder.

edit; Whelp problem solved dude threw a hissy fit and left!


Nice to see problems sort themselves out.

Been in the paintball scene a long time and the amount of strange drama that comes up because of the wildly differing opinions and rationales for why people play and what they expect is always surprising. Makes for some funny localized memes tho.


Yeah its bizarre to me how serious some people take it. At the Mil-sim events sure but its a game! Its so strange seeing people being all ‘keeping my skills and drills sharp for when I need them’. Your playing with toy guns mate, your not Rambo you mug. His following rant is pretty funny as well to be fair. It talks of lines in the sand, spin, and a sword of Damocles or else.


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