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Reddit is, predictably, freaking out about Bill Nye’s new show because of the episode that dares commit the horrendous crime of… pointing out that there’s more than two genders. And they’re taking the weirdest, most puritanical tack to do it.

How predictably, you say? I predicted it nineteen days ago. From then, direct quote:

Silver lining, At least most of these people are saying “I hated it so much I switched it off after the first episode” because frankly, I don’t think anyone has the tolerance for salt and drama that would happen if Redditors got to the episode about gender and sexuality.


Scott’s (apreche) is going to be on ATW9K tomorrow.

I have made the best trivia for Scott.


It’s all Dune trivia.


Oh god I can’t wait.


The local arcade in my town just recently closed, and are now selling off all of their machines, some for as low as $25. (Cash and carry only). This may be the best chance I have at owning a STUN Runner machine. Or the ultimate best-case scenario; a Skee-Ball Machine.

Of course, this is all dependent on if they actually have anything left that I want at a price I’m willing to pay. And it’s also going to require that I suddenly become very familiar with arcade machine repair.


Friends trivia?


You had better become familiar with truck driving in order to move whatever machine to your house.


I wrote a game inspired by the upcoming season of The Bachelorette.


Just wait and see. Should be released sometime next week.


I have a neighbor’s pickup truck for situations like this.


Yeah, I have access to a pickup truck I can borrow if needed, or in the worst case scenario I can get a U-Haul to move it the 3 miles from the arcade to my house.


Oh wow, the Journalism subreddit is getting absolutely slammed with invading Trump supporters.



I guess I’m not the only Rose Buddies listener here.


There are at least three of us! :rose:


Have you ever been so high you were afraid 18th century British regulars were going to arrest you for possession? Neither have I, but at work today I walked past someone who was.


Lucky it wasn’t the Hessian’s.


I just saw The Room for the first time. That was…something.



I have been staring at my inbox waiting for an importaint email like a dog sits at the door waiting for their owner to come home. Just want to get the damn thing.