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I don’t understand that reference outside of the fact that Kramer is the tall weird character from Seinfeld.


I think Kramer on more than one occasion got mistaken for staff at things by just being there and took advantage of that to get stuff.


It’s mostly just one episode.

"It’s like you have no formal business training whatsoever. I’m sorry we’re gonna have to let you go. "
"Well I don’t even work here. "
"I know, that’s what makes this so difficult. "


Yeah that’s the episode I was thinking of. I tried to find the part where they mistake him for working there but couldn’t find it on Youtube.


Yeah it’s where he fixes the copier for some random dude. I forget why they’re at the building they’re at.


Was not the one I was thinking of. I was thinking of the one where he accidentally gets pulled on stage to receive an award for a movie he had nothing to do with. Then after having gotten the award he’s asked to fire one of their starlets who doesn’t take to being fired well in order to keep it.


The past couple years especially, my main hobby has been making stuff. Primary woodworking, but also a fair amount of sewing, and some soldering thrown in for good measure. I figured I’d gauge if there was interest in a ‘maker’/‘people creating things in meat space’ type thread.


I know there used to be one on the old forum dedicated to making things with string. I believe this one is it here.


Ah man, scrolling through that just inspired me to finish some needlepoint I started like six months ago and forgot about!


I have seen more pandas in the fur than my Chinese students.


I once met Vladamir Klitschko at an airport. I wouldn’t have recognised him except someone else did and wanted me to take a photo of the two of them.


Well, that was quite an entertaining fight.


My first day at my summer job as a Redcoat reenactor was kinda trash, but I got to march into the first routine with a brass band playing Rule Britania and that felt awesome.



Where are you doing reenacting?


Boston, in front of the Old (originally British) State House, but the brass band is with us over at Downtown Crossing.


@VictorFrost I think you are onto something. Histrical reanactments of battles of nerd movies would get you a hardcore audience.


Ahh I live in the Historic Triangle area in Virginia I wondered if you might be in Williamsburg or Yorktown.


“Check out this pretty informative RF site. It’s actually pretty detailed.”
“This is actually a pretty informative stuff, nice job.”
“Yeah, it actually talks about a new form of antenna pairing, they call them ‘Married’ antennas.”
“How are they?”
“Well, the wedding was terrible, but the reception is great!”
"…Get out of my office, I don’t want to see you in here until Monday."

And that’s how I got to go home early.


There’s a lesson in there for all of us.