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Almost all pies are very good. Hardly any pies are actually bad. Ranking pies is left as an exercise to the reader.


Dingleberry Pie.


In performing the pie ranking exercise, this reader ranks this pie at or near the bottom and as “very bad.”


Pie tiers:


Apple (a la mode)
Shepard’s pie
Pot Pie (all poultry)


Apple (All other)
Lemon Meringue
Key Lime
Pumpkin (Actual pumpkins)


Chocolate Cream
Coconut Cream


Banana Cream


Cantelope pie
Pumpkin (Sweet potato-based)


I’m too lazy to actually do it but I was gonna do a pie tier where I put all the meat pies in actual order, at the bottom of all those I was gonna put a dung pie, after that was gonna be all the sweet pies.


What about a sweet potato pie that’s actually called a “sweet potato pie” and isn’t pretending to be pumpkin? Or does that count as “sweet potato-based pumpkin”?


I’m very much pro Apple Pie. But I had a slice of pumpkin pie recently that did soundly demolish all but the mightiest of apple pie offerings. And now it’s gone, having thus been devoured for its excellence.


Where would shoofly and key lime rank?


It would still be low tier because sweet potatos are a garbage food.



Okay, but consider the following:

Tenpura sweet potato.


Can’t say I’m a fan, but what I usually have I can tell is not great quality, so it might be that.


Ahhh I do my own tenpura and tenpura sweet potato is tricky. You have to par boil them before you fry them otherwise the tenpura batter will be cooked and the potato will be all but raw. But if you boil them too long they get squishy and don’t fry right.




No love for Boston Creme Pies?

Just because they are more expensive to get to than other pies, and require significant security theater every time you reach for a slice, that doesn’t mean it should be ignored entirely.

There are also additional pies that contain chocolate, and I am squarely in those camps, but I think they might stretch the definition of pie.


Agh it reminds me of living in Osaka and going to the Okonomiyaki Bros by Hirakata station and eating takoyaki til I nearly felt ill… so good…


Boston Creme Pies are cakes.


How about whoopie pies?

Fried pie?

Cow pies?


Gala pie is best pie.

Also Takoyaki is the bomb. Gimli and I brought one of the hot plates for it before she left for Canada. Nearly every day we were eating that stuff. It got strange by the end.


A Boston Cream pie is clearly a cake.