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Sounds like a Sovereign Citizen to me. They’re really big on the whole “I don’t need a license to travel in my personal conveyance. Only to ‘drive,’ which is a commercial activity.”


Not as sophisticated a thought process as that, more just an old country fart set in his ways and doesn’t like the government.


Is THAT why they always wanna make that distinction? Between traveling and driving? I always wondered what that was about.


I received a guitar today that came with the body and neck apart, not by some shipping damage, but by design. Apparently the Soviets made their guitars with some assembly required.


Yep. They interpret “driving” as a “commercial activity” based on some really old edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, published back when “driving,” commercial or otherwise, involved horses and buggies. Since the Constitution does allow for a right to “travel,” they make the leap that so long as they aren’t operating a vehicle for commercial activity, they don’t need licenses, registration, etc. Never mind that they can still “travel” without licenses and such by walking, riding a bike, taking a bus, hitch-hiking, etc.


In Soviet Russia, guitar plays you!


In general I’m ok with automated enforcing laws as long as it’s evenly applied and it’s not outrageous. If it’s $30 for going over 80 on the highway then ok whatever. If its $300 fine because you did a right on red at 4:50 on a holiday, when the sign says no right on red between 8-5 on weekdays, (there strictly because of high commuter traffic in the area) than fuck off with that.

I’m ok with fewer laws that are more comprehensive, and more education. All the laws and microfines and camera surveillance in the world will not prevent the guy who holds up traffic by mindlessly cruising in the passing lane with his vape pen and cheeseburgers from continuing to obliviously hold up 2 miles of traffic that wants to get around few semi trucks in a hilly stretch of 2-lane PA highway.

Drivers should have regular biannual reviews at driver ed seminars or something.


I’m getting to the point in my language studies where I’m literally and actually having to learn the difference between e and è.

Theoretically this is babies first thing you learn; the fucking alphabet. But no, that’s not what I mean. I don’t know how other people learn but early on I think I made an implicit choice “whatever, they’re both e, I’ll figure it out from context”

Yeah, that’s not hacking it anymore, now that distinction IS the context clue I’m trying to lean on to discern the rest of what I’m trying to read.

In Italian they’re both words, e is and while è is is. It’s starting to happen enough where the meaning hinges on whether or not that accent mark is there. Not sure if this is a sign that I’m crap at learning or if I’m actually starting to grok after all these years.


Accents are a funny thing… The way I’ve dealt with learning them in various languages that use them is to try to find some “trick” to associate with how they’re used.

For example, in Portuguese, the word for grandfather is “avô” and grandmother is “avó”. The way my mom taught me to remember them as a kid was, “Your grandfather wears a hat, so the one with the circumflex is ‘grandfather’ because the flex looks like a hat.”

For French, I remembered that “é” sounds like “ay,” so any word that has that sound is likely to have “é”.

I’m sure you can probably figure out other little tricks like that for your Italian.


The alphabet is after a lot of experience hearing phonemes.


Yeah. Most people can understand speech, and speak, long before they can read letters or words.


I’m currently dealing in written Italian. I’m trying to slowly make my way through an Italian copy of the fifth Harry Potter book that I picked up in the airport on my way back. I’m getting better and faster over time and not reaching for the dictionary as much but now I’m officially at the point where I’m confronting past mistakes in the learning process.

Namely to just ignore all accents when reading.


Pumpkin pies are meh.


Pumpkin is a decoration, not a food.


More for me, pumpkin is the best pie.


This is rapidly moving away from a random comment and towards a flame war, but here’s some fuel for that fire:

Pumpkin pie is pie
All pie is sugar
All sugar is gross.
∴ By the transitive property, Pumpkin pie is gross.

It’s a mathematical proof. Indisputable.


Pumpkin pies are the best possible pies. But, they have to be made with:

  • actual pumpkin
  • actual spices

If it ain’t spicy, it ain’t nothin’.


Wrong, Peach Pie and Pecan Pie are far superior pies.


What about sweet potato pumpkin pies?


They are very good pies. Just as PAX East is a very good PAX.

They are good, but not great. Admirable, but not legendary.