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PIE probably only spread to the extent that it did thanks to harnessing the power of horses, cattle, and dogs.


More pies for the pie


If you go see the show on Broadway you can get pie.


I watched the movie years ago, then more recently listened to the original cast recording of the musical. It’s super good! Probably one of the best newish musical theatre albums I’ve heard in the last few years.


I think we should limit the discussion/ratings of “pie” only to pies that are meant to be edible and/or made from culturally-independent recognized foodstuffs, i.e. foodstuffs that are recognized as such by some culture in the world. For example, if someone made a witchetty grub pie, even if it may not be appealing to the typical Westerner, that would be valid as witchetty grubs are considered a proper foodstuff by indigenous Australians. “Cow pies” are obviously disqualified as they are only “pies” in that they are often shaped like a typical pie.

Whoopie pies are certainly edible (assuming it’s one made from quality ingredients, of course), so they are valid to discuss, even if the discussion comes down to, “is it a pie or a cake?”.

Fried pies, I assume, are normal pies, such as apple, that are then deep fried. If such, they are also valid to discuss.


Our next Thursday show will be a Pie Ranking Show.


I’m 90% sure we did a pie show already, but i can’t find it in the archive. You definitely deleted it.


Translation: you think a pie episode is dumb and don’t want to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:


No. I think it’s a good show. I just really don’t like doing reruns.


Scott is acting strange, should be saying there’s nothing to say about pie ranking.


You should ensure the integrity of old Geeknights episodes with :cloud_with_lightning: BLOCKCHAIN :cloud_with_lightning:


We can do an episode where I tell you exactly where you can shove your coins.


All that matters is that pie is superior to cake, with the exception of short, pound, cheese, and wedding.


Personally I am pastry centrist and refuse to enter the partisan bickering.












You mean French Toast substrate?


Nah, that’s Challah.

It soaks up much more of the egg and butter.


Oooh… I had not considered this. My wife uses challah to make stuffing for that reason. I AM A DAMN FOOL! Though brioche still does make pretty dang good French toast.


How could you not consider that? Challah is the default french toast bread.