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Go for it! It’s a cool experiment, and I think a lot of people here would be interested in how it goes down.


In the podcast thread, I asked for not generic lists of what people like and listen to, but a single podcast they think someone should try. I would never look at anything from a massive list, but I checked out someone’s specific single suggestion and now have a new favourite podcast, and I’m slowly making my way through the dozens of hours of previous podcasts in the feed.


Holy shit, that’s a lot of reading.


More than half of it was via audiobooks.


Oh, you cheated. Less holy shit.


Since I read so slowly, I use audiobooks to keep up on reading lists. I can listen while doing most menial tasks, so it is great. I used to listen to music and podcasts more than audiobooks, but now it is is 5% podcasts, 20% music, and 75% audiobooks.


That is still A LOT. I’ve been concerned there won’t be enough time in my life to do everything, but maybe there is more time than I thought.


They are quick reads. I just finished all of his & Baxter’s Long Earth series a couple of months ago. It had its moments, but wasn’t great.

Edit: Also, keep in mind that I don’t play the vidyagames much, so I have more time for reading. ^_~


You greatly overestimate how much vidyagames I play. Before Zelda came out the last game I played was… Uh. I forget.


Yeah I digitize everything if only for posterity. I have some records that I doubt I’ll ever listen to again but they don’t exist besides scarce vinyl copies so I digitize and save them anyway. What prompted that post was trying to listen to my dad’s copy of Jackson Browne’s Late For The Sky and finding it completely unusable due to wear, but that record was forty years old and was used entirely before the advent of the MP3. The point isn’t really the records (like I said, it’s an obsolete problem with an archaic technology) but the number of other things the records could be analogous for.


I’m gonna go take a shit


I wish you the best of Luck.


I have no shits to give. :slight_smile:


That Pepsi ad is pure genius. Look how much all these people are talking about it. The most successful ad they’ve had in years. What’s the last Pepsi ad you even remember? I block as many ads as possible, and even I’ve seen it and know all about it.

Yes, I’m aware I’m also talking about it, but only to point out the meta. Also, I chose to do it here instead of Twitter to spread it less, and also because this is way over 140 chars.

Yes, the ad is also offensive, tone deaf, disgusting, etc. But every time someone writes an article, or tweets, or talks about how bad the ad is, Pepsi marketing department does a little happy dance.


Oh is that what people have been going on about? I’ve seen some of the results but couldn’t bring myself to care about whatever the fuss is about. Their mission mostly failed on me then.


I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, intentional, algorithm nonsense, or if I’m just paying more attention to it, but I’ve seen a surprising number of Coke ads this morning.



That made me feel ill.


I think the staff at my regular conventions have forgotten that I’m not staff. I was just invited to a convention staff meeting.


You’re now Kramer.