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Plot twist: you’re stealing time, and the cops are the grim reaper.


So studio trigger has a patreon now…



So I got fired from my job because the wrong person overheard my grousing about Lowe’s new operations and policies (which are shit and were making my job ten times harder) to a Lowe’s employee I’m friends with. So the store management complained to my company and I was fired. I was looking for a new job anyway and I even have an interview today so maybe it’s a sign. To be honest I’ve been miserable at this job for over a year because of the new structure at Lowe’s so it’s kind of a relief regardless.


I’ve never heard of someone being fired for complaining. That is insane. If complaining was a firing offense, I wouldn’t be able to keep any job for more than 5 minutes. At my new job I complained to the HR person while signing hiring papers! Not sure if that counts as wrongful termination, but thanks to this shitty world you probably can’t afford a labor lawyer either way.


I got “something something making the company look bad something something” as the reason. My direct boss didn’t want to do it but his bosses made him. Also I’m in a “right to work” state so I can’t really fight it even if I wanted to. It kinda sucks for the short term money wise but eh fuck it.


Update: My interview with the headhunter went well and they already have a few firms in mind for me that would be a good entry level fit as a paralegal, so that is good news. Crossing my fingers the firm likes my resume!


Version: GnuPG v2



I know these people are out there and exist in the real world, but it boggles my mind every time I encounter someone who doesn’t believe that Russia meddled in the US election, or even if they (grudgingly) admit Russia did, that it doesn’t matter.


The ones that grudgingly admit it but say it doesn’t matter are the more dangerous ones, I think. They’re the ones who don’t care about the means so long as the end is white supremacy and patriarchy, at least in my experience. They’d be happy to see a dictatorship so long as it propped that up.


Found this appropriate meme.


In the hour it took me to get from the ferry to Hokkaido to the park where I camped, I saw two foxes and heard many more. They sound very different from the ones at home. I also found out that my inflatable pillow won’t stay inflated to a comfortable level, but some tape will fix that once stores open.


New song



Someone on SA had a good quote I feel like I might use for something later:
Yeah Gamergate is kind of the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of World War Too Online


Jeez that is so accurate it hurts.


My wife and I have a new kitten and he is the cutest. His name is Silas.


I found cured meat heaven. It’s called Hobbito and it’s in central Hokkaido. They basically serve hobbit food. There’s also Tolkien stuff all over.

EDIT: It’s totally hobbit food and it’s totally delicious. Everything is locally grown/sourced/made in house. The menu explains where all the ingredients come from and how they make the meats. The owner just really likes The Hobbit and wanted to make food that hobbits would like.


I noticed today flipping through the radio stations while driving that sports radio sounds exactly like conservative talk radio. Same intonation, same speech pattern and rhythm.

“State a fact. State a fact. Restate the first fact and keep talking and opining in a rising tone, like its the most important thing ever and you’re pissed about it.”

And they were talking about how some college football team is managed, like literally the least important thing in the world and literally no one listening has any input on whatsoever. At least with political radio you can vote for or against candidates and ballot resolutions.


I mean, they do cater to basically the same demo.