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Sports radio listeners have the same culture as the “fans” who are always angry about Star Wars or whatever.


I’m 99% sure that the big local sports talk radio station in Boston, WEEI, is what turned my dad into a conservative. Generally, their positions are going to be conservative because they are

  1. pro owners and signing high level players, so they’re for the wealthy and don’t want heavy taxation to discourage players from signing. They view the double taxation of American players going to play for Canadian teams as a negative.
  2. They want state and local governments to help very wealthy private businesses build arenas and give tax incentives to owners to keep them there.
  3. They sure as heck don’t want college athletes to get paid because that means the head coach of the local superstar college team won’t make quite as much money
  4. They encourage an “us vs them” mentality. I’ve noticed most sports fans only care about their teams. My parents, for example, are really only interested in watching the Red Sox, not baseball in general. It’s a small minded perspective, much like the current US isolationism. My primary sports fandom is Indycar, and my favorite driver is Will Power. I’m very happy when he wins, but even if he crashes, I can enjoy a good, dramatic race.
  5. As an extension of this point, with the exception of soccer(and perhaps hockey) no sports talk host is going to talk about international leagues. The perspective is local. Me? I want to know who’s awesome in the Japanese baseball league! I used to watch Korean baseball when it was streamed on YouTube.


Yesterday was…interesting. In the morning, some guys at the rider house said they were going to the city to hit an arcade. In a car (as opposed to motorcycles), so I went with.

The driver decides to play Fast and Furious on a tiny, windy hill road and almost sends us rolling down the hill on the first hill. The a car’s dangling on the the edge with no traction and we can’t get out because it would probably tip over if we moved too much. Fortunately, we were right next to a house and the people who lived there called someone to haul us back onto the road.

Then the police finally showed up and one cop gave the driver a well-deserved dressing down (apparently drivers from Honshu are the number one cause of traffic deaths in Hokkaido) while the other took down our information. Getting my foreign info to fit in their boxes was fun.

Then there was a festival where local guys ran around carrying 20kg torches, which was fantastic.

Then around 11 somebody’s like, “Onsen?” “Onsen?” “Onsen!”. I figured it would just be a local bathhouse that’s open late. Nope. Hot spring in the middle of nowhere up a mountain. No lights, no moonlight, just a little light from the stars. A while after we got there, a couple showed up, saw us, and turned right back around; pretty sure we ruined that guy’s date night.

On the way back, a different guy drove. And Initial D’d all the way back down the mountain. This guy actually knew what he was doing. So while it was a surprise and pretty scary at first, it was a hell of a 15 minutes.


Not only did William Gibson’s short story New Rose Hotel get made into a movie, but the movie stars Christopher Walken, William Dafoe, and Yoshitaka fucking Amano—yes, that Amano.


Amano the person is acting? He didn’t like, do artwork or something for the movie?


Yep. The story is about a defecting scientist switching megacorps, and Amano is the scientist. I would guess it’s a small part.


Is it any good?


Reviews are divisive. IMDb says 4.9/10.


I just recently discovered QAnon, and boy howdy are those people batshit crazy…


I absolutely love the use of the phrase ‘boy howdy’ in common parlance.


I’ve seen them described as “the intersection of pizzagate and bath salts”


That’s hilarious!

But pretty accurate as well.


My dad sent me an article about them, and I can’t even begin to parse their brand of nutter butters.


Bath salts would help with that.


Rad, can I get a hookup? :stuck_out_tongue:


I found out about them right around the time Rosanne Barr’s show came back and she was revealed to be a certified nut job. She was like… I don’t know tweeting about them or repeating their talking points. And yeah, they’re nuts.

A nice summary of their nuttiness can be found here, on their wikipedia page.


Don’t forget to enable 2FA on your forum account.


Participating in Nebuta, one of the biggest festivals in Japan, basically entails buying the requisites outfit at a supermarket and skanking in a straight line or in place (which took some getting used to) and chanting “rase rase rase ra” for two hours. It was exhausting. And exhilarating. I never want to do it again…except maybe in a few days when my feet stop hurting.

There’s also rain coming up, so I think that’ll be the perfect time to go watch Mirai no Mirai or the new Pokemon movie.

I’ve also somehow managed to become fairly well know in the northern Japan traveler community. I had five people go “Your that Ryan?” today.


The lead IT guy at my new office is the king of Linux Santas. Big gut, big grey beard, khakis with suspenders and a flannel shirt and Birkenstocks, defying anyone to challenge him or his team on dress code because fuck you the place will grind to a halt if you fire him. Seriously the IT team gives zero fucks about anything other than making sure everything works right.


The saga of my search for a job continues. Had a great interview with a recruiter to work for a commercial law firm. Looking into the firm I came to find out that an acquaintance of mine is a lawyer there. He and his dad are friends of my in-laws, and they’re both lawyers.