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That is one of the most early 90’s pieces of tech I have ever seen.


That thing needs to be used on the desk of a Vaporwave producer at this point.


/r/JapanTravel has had a heck of a day, mostly full vitriol appropriately directed at a mod who regularly trolls, mocks, and talks down to people in the sub they moderate. They then issued a non-apology on par with a politician’s, apologizing that people feel offended.

This mod is also condescending and casually racist, but they do that on their own time and in other subs.


What if I made a web site. It could even be a Twitter account. All it does it post headlines. No actual stories, just headlines. However, these headlines are not clickbait. They are the opposite of clickbait. They have all the info, so you never need to click.

I just went to BuzzFeed news. I picked a random clickbaity headline. “Here’s what Lindsay Lohan is Doing Nowadays”.

Here’s what I would write on this theoretical site after reading the article.

“Lindsay Lohan now lives in Dubai to avoid Paparazzi. She owns a club in Greece. She’s still acting, though. Working on a project with Tina Seksis, author of The Honeymoon, a book she likes.”

There you go. In less than two minutes I compressed an article into a small enough sentence that it fits in a new 280 character maxi-tweet. Gives all the info anyone wants, and requires no clicking.


Do it, man. I specifically read that whole article. Was a lot of, “well I’m really into controlling my image right and, keeping things low key for the sake of my mental health” followed by what she’s actually up to. Whole thing could have been your two sentences.


So, @SavedYouAClick?


Uh, yes. Apparently I was not the first person to have this somewhat obvious idea.


I hate it when I have a really good idea then find out someone did it like five years ago.


I like it, actually, when I have an idea that turns out being already in the wild. Because it validates my idea-generation process and it also saves me lots of time and effort to make it. If the idea was something I needed, then I can probably get it right away! (Or at least know it exists, in case I can’t afford it.)

Or if the idea failed then it saved me being the failure. Or it shows where it went wrong: maybe my version was better. Maybe it proves that with my tweaks, then it could expand on the existing concept and work better!

In any case it does sometimes feel like a “damnit” moment, maybe embarrassing or disappointing, if it already exists and people point it out to you. But it still usually serves as a sort of confirmation that can be savored.


I’m pretty indifferent to ideas. Get me some of that sweet sweet execution goodness.


I’m having a hard time understanding how what appears to be a subreddit about travel is so toxic? Figured every thread would be “hey I’m going to Japan, where should I visit?”


That’s reddit for you. Even the “wholesome” subs, where niceness is enforced, some people manage to weaponize performative niceness.


The mod in questions keeps most of her toxicity elsewhere, but only most. She also mines the subs she mods for material to make fun of in /r/japancirclejerk, which people have taken exception to because they expect more from mods, especially in a sub where there should be no reason for nastiness. Her shittiness is anything but an isolated incident.

Incidentally, questions like “hey I’m going to Japan, where should I visit?” would be removed because it’s a “low effort post”, and this heavy-handed moderation is part of what sparked the post.


I’ll say that, as someone who moderates a sub within an order of magnitude of that, low-effort stuff can actually be pretty bad.It’s like a weed that chokes out the good posts.

(Which is why you create megathreads for common types of low-effort posts, and direct users there gentely, but I digress)


People suggested that, but “Reddit only allows two stickied threads at a time” became something of a mantra for the mods.


The Riddler is the kind of guy who says it takes a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty.


Just have rotating stickies? We manage to have a bunch of threads like that at 3 times the size of that sub.

(Ultimately the answer is “It can be done, easily, but only if you’re not a dink”)


The day showed that only one of the mods isn’t a dink and that one is especially dinky.


One of the bigwigs at my university passed down a request for me to edit their research article. First for free. Next for an insultingly low amount. Finally I told them to change my schedule next semester (I talked to my vice-dean and dean about it, but they couldn’t do it). I’m waiting to see what happens; if their boss can effect the change I want, I’m happy to do the work, but if not…they’ll have an article about invasive species that makes frequent mention to aliens.


Game idea:

Realistic modern thief simulator. You live in an apartment and rent is due every single month. You cannot gain money for rent any way other than stealing.

Stealing itself is stupid easy, go to someone’s house, break a window, grab stuff and leave. There can be a bit of nuance to it but by and large I want this part to be dumb. Like maybe you can do some hunts under mats and whatnot for spare keys but spend too long outside and maybe some neighbor comes out to talk to you or calls the cops.

After you swipe stuff, cash goes directly towards your rent but other stuff has to be sold. This part of the game would be pretty fleshed out. Series of dialogue trees to convince pawn shop owners you haven’t stolen anything, maybe a seedy underground relationship chart simulator, so maybe you can find unscrupulous types to take stuff off your hands for cheap but no questions asked. Perhaps a menu to try selling stuff on craigslist.

The last part is my favourite part, and the reason this idea occurred to me. Behind the scenes, there’s some math determining how many mistakes you’ve made during your making money after the thieving, which serves to calculate how much time you have until the police show up on your doorstep and arrest you because of your poor life choices.

There could be options for robbing banks, but no heist nonsense, just going to the counter and demanding money. Robbing businesses, like liquor stores and diners and fast food places. All has the same end, a background timer and then the police show up at your door. At the end game, there’s like text screen with generic image of your character with a public defender, and the text says what mistake led to your being caught.

There’d be no way to actually get away with it. You always need rent, and all you can do is increase the time the police take to show up at your door.

Could also be some like complications during the thieving times. This concept though needs more thought though.