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I’ll accept the use of the word “nerd” with a modifier attached (ie video game nerd, Star Wars nerd, etc) but “any nerd stuff” means nothing.


Deactivated my Facebook, blacklisted Twitter. Let’s see how long I can go with this being my only form of social media.


I find that some niche subreddits are alright. I can safely avoid the confluence of alt-right fucksticks there.

But yeah, most of my geek talk has gone back to meatspace.


good luck.


When you really think about it, is participating in online discussions and communities actually essential for life? Most people don’t do it at all. They only use Facebook/Hangout/whatever to communicate with people that are already friends and/or family. It’s hard to leave it once you’re in, but it’s completely unnecessary.

Even though it is not necessary, its benefits and costs vary drastically from person to person, community to community. If the benefit isn’t winning, quitting is probably the right move.


I’m not sure if I’m going to make the best or worst decisions. But I might go for it.


Obviously get them


I saw the lead time and decided to get them once I move to my new place. Hopefully the rose embroidery is still available then.



I am seriously considering this for my future panel stuff

I am really trying to not spend $250 on wireless buzzers but everything lower than this just fails on one thing or another. I might grab them if PAX Prime forces the panel in but open to other suggestions.


Get whatever Quiz Bowl tournaments use these days. Those systems are usually portable, quick to set up, and extremely reliable.


Hasn’t the Stanford experiment being a fraud been common knowledge for years?



@Rym, I joined the broken toe club today. This really hurts.



Whoever designed the font for the players’ names on jerseys in this World Cup did a terrible job and should be fired.

Also, well done to Japan, who are apparently the first Asian team to beat a Latin American team in the WC finals.


I have to stock up on electronic components and tools before new tariffs go into effect. yay :frowning:


I think it’s a known fraud to those who were interested in learning more about it, or thought it seemed bogus and wanted to learn more.


As someone whose family was murdered in the Russian Revolution, I’m starting to feel the Spirit of '17 (not that I would start a revolution, just that I kinda feel why they did).


Found this beautiful little mouse next to an inch-thick MS Word 2.0 manual.