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Now here’s an interesting development, but not a nice one - Techdirt is being sued by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who falsely claims to have invented email.

But here’s a fun little collection of facts that may or may not be relevant:

  • He also sued Gawker over the same claims, during the period that Thiel was funding any and all lawsuits against gawker
  • Theil has a stated dislike of Techcrunch, which is rumored to only have intensified after their recent reporting on him, and on some of trump’s policies
  • Ayyadurai is being represented by Charles Harder. Which is weird, because with his known net worth, he’s far from poor, but he’s not cashed up enough to afford Harder’s rates for the amount of time typically needed for this type of suit.
  • You may remember Harder as being the chap who represented Hogan in the Gawker case, bankrolled by Thiel, and who is also currently representing Melania Trump in her case against the Daily Mail, and previously represented Ayyadurai in his prior case against Gawker (Which, again, he couldn’t afford, and was almost certainly bankrolled by Thiel)
  • To the best of my knowledge, Thiel has refused to comment.

I mean, it all looks a little strange, but it must be a coincidence. After all, we were assured that it only happened to Gawker, because it’s Gawker, and nobody else had anything to worry about.


That’s a patent troll case, though. Call the Newegg guy.


[quote=“Apreche, post:23, topic:281, full:true”]
That’s a patent troll case, though. Call the Newegg guy.
[/quote]Yeah, no, it’s a Libel case. He’s not suing them for infringing on bullshit patents, he’s suing them for reporting his bullshit patents are bullshit. At least read the article before you try and push back when I’m rubbing it in, it’s just good form. I’m trying to put in more effort here than a simple “Told ya so”, meet me in the middle, man.


Because I amassed a lot of overtime in February I took today off to test for the Regional PTQ Magic tournament I will attend on saturday. After playing 8 hours today I wanted to decompress and put on some wrestling (Honor Rising: Japan 2017: Night 1, a joint event between Ring of Honor and NJPW). First time I see Korakuen Hall on camera. That venue is surprisingly small and only seats 2,005 people. Hajime no Ippo makes it seem much larger.


I hate to cry “not all ______,” but I feel compelled to do so. A lot of vegetarians, like me, make no comment about other people’s eating habits. If there is an open conversation (like this one) about diet or someone directly asks me, I may chime in.

Further, be it about diet or any other social/political/environmental issue, the “I do this because I like it, am lazy, and am imperfect,” as stated in the video, has its limits. Our society is entrenched in a host of behaviors that, while normal, are severely impacting our environment and the welfare of our fellow citizens. Visible, consistent breaks with these norms by large groups of people are the only way to redefine normal and strong, immediate breaks may be the only way to make certain changes fast enough to have the needed impact. Forming new habits and points of view is difficult, but once it is done, it becomes your new norm and takes little thought or effort - just like starting a new workout or course of study. With many collectively saying “it’s too hard” for any given social change, I have to ask

  1. Is it really too hard or is it just inconvenient? I will use vegetarianism as an example, but this can be applied to almost any social/environmental issue.Switching to a vegetarian diet or changing any habit may genuinely be too difficult for a single parent with a limited income who lives in a food desert, but it is likely simply inconvenient for a middle class childless couple.

  2. Will the inevitable outcome of following social norms/being lazy be harder to live with/more difficult to live through than the discomfort of making said change?

  3. Does your “liking” of said thing justify the potential harm it may inflict on others or yourself in the furture?

Relatedly, just being vegetarian has a limited impact environmentally speaking if one still consumes foods that are imported from long distances, utilize massive resources (like almonds due to their massive water needs), etc. Research into a more environment friendly diet is needed - and such a diet may still include some meat (assuming the environmental impact is one’s primary concern when considering vegetarian/vegan diets rather than animal rights and cruelty) and be more environmentally friendly than some plant based diets (though by no means all).

Whether you eat meat or not, if you are concerned about animal rights and cruelty, I would recommend starting with researching pig farms (which are also some of the biggest offenders when it comes to polluting rivers and contributing to desertification) and moving from there. Some organizations’ materials/information may be sensationalized (PETA), but other have some quality information and provide resources for advocating for better farming practices (The Humane Society of the United States).

Whether you eat meat or not, while considering better farming practices, I highly recommend looking into how current corporate meat farming models - particularly poultry farming - under compensate and even harass the farmers with whom they work. I live in a farming community and grew up in a farming family, so I know first hand the plight that farmers face, how nearly impossible it can be to farm independently, and the atrocious way agra-corps treat the farmers from which they source their product (particularly meat farmers).


Bought a high gain wifi antenna for when my apartments nearby access point craps out so I can pick up one of the other building’s, and just generally pick up more connections. One of the new ssid’s I picked up was “The Wired.” Somebody knows whats up.


Went to the Adventures in Moominland experience in the Southbank Centre (audio guide by Sandi Toksvig). There’s more to Moomins than I realised.

Very delightful experience. I recommend a ‘look-see’ if you’re in the area.


The simple act of listening to a vinyl record damages it. You hurt it more and more with each listen, until eventually the crackling becomes louder than the music. If the listener truly loves the record, they have two paths they may take. Either the listener will listen to the record as many times as they can and destroy the record with their affection, or they will only scarcely listen to the record to preserve its life, but will never enjoy it like the listener who destroys the record does. Some would call this an obsolete problem with an archaic technology. I call it the human condition.


Or get a laser turntable. Technology for the win!


I guess you could buy 100 of each record you like. That effectively solves both your problems at the expense of a few new problems.


I should’ve known better than to post that here.


In all honesty Greg, I like what you’ve said. It’s an interesting musing on the nature of music and humanity.

That said you should have known better than to post that here.


Nah, man. I’m right there with ya. My solution is that I buy the digital version as well as the record if I can help it. Digital for day to day listening, vinyl for when I feel like it. That said, I have some vinyls that are the only copies of those songs and I still listen to them pretty regularly. Properly tuning your turntable sot eh arm puts as little pressure on the record as possible is definitely less worrying.


I’m not sure where to put this, so I will put it here.

Thanks to insomnia and freelancing from home for the past year, I have an abundance of time. As such, I have consumed much of the media in my backlog, and am in search of more. If you tell me to read it, watch it, or listen to it, I will. Limit one recommendation per category (fiction book, non-fiction book, music, television, and movie) per person. If you like, I would be happy to report back on each piece once I have finished it. Please note that due to a minor reading disorder, I am a very slow reader (I read at the pace one would read aloud). To enhance enjoyment and retention, I do not employ any speed reading tactics to my pleasure reading, so it may take me some time to report back on any recommended books.

I am willing, even eager, to try things outside of my usual tastes, with only a few exceptions, such as war-heavy content (fiction and non-fiction alike) that focus on battles or blatant bigotry and/or misogyny (beyond what would be a given the time and place the piece was created).


Make a new thread just for this request. It’ll be easier to keep track of and not clutter this thread. If you do, I’ll send some recommendations your way.


I feel uncomfortable making a thread about me. I think the direct reply feature makes it pretty easy to track threads, but that may just be me. I will think about it.


You have “Crew Member” next to your name on a forum with the address frontrowcrew.com. A thread of your own is what this forum is for.


Make it more general and not just about you?

Also is there really a shortage of media recommendations? There are always plenty of absurdly long series you can go for. For example, there are are like 40+ Discworld novels. Just go all in.

Also, if you just get a Switch and play Zelda that will take an absurd amount of time all by itself. I don’t think you’ve played older Zeldas either, so you can also go for Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.


Recommendations are optional and allow me to self-select. That isn’t really what I want. I want to push beyond my own inclinations and the forum has people with enough similarity of interests and tastes that the likelihood of my enjoyment of any recommended material is higher than a more general pool, yet is not so limited as to lack diversity.

Edit: I have read all of Terry Pratchett’s works.

I am not intending on getting a Switch any time soon and, as you know, I spend very little time on vidyagames. Buying a house, getting a third dog, and beginning the adoption process will are my monetary concerns for 2017 - 2018. If we adopt an older child, we may buy a Switch, but nothing else compels me to do so.


Make a new thread with these rules, and see how it goes. Don’t make it generic. Make it just for you. I have things that I would recommend to just you but not to other people on the forum, same as I’d have recommendations just for Scott or just for Rym but not both.