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Five sick days, which doesn’t seem like much seeing as if I get a bad cold it’s at least two days out for me. Believe it or not this company is an improvement. When I worked for Lowe’s you had to earn your vacation before you could use it. Literally had to work a whole year to have your two weeks. And only three sick days per year.


Limited sick days are the worst. If people don’t get sick, they take ALL of them as more vacation. If they do get sick, they get less vacation OR they come to the office sick and get everyone else sick…

Half the places I’ve worked went the “unlimited sick days” route. It’s the best. People end up taking fewer days off, they never come to the office sick, and everyone is better off. It’s better for the employees AND the company.


This ought to be standard all around. My wife has no tonsils or adenoids so she gets colds easily and they tend to be somewhat worse and linger, so she often uses a lot of sick time every year. A few times has had to dip into vacation or take unpaid days which sucks.


Dasharez0ne’s FB is lit compared to its twitter. I wonder if it’s a fan account.


Agreed. My company pretty much has that rule and all they ask is that you honestly keep your boss informed about your sick time in order to prevent obvious abuse such as someone getting plastered every weekend and calling in sick every following Monday.


My current job has unlimited sick AND vacation time, with the expectation that you don’t abuse it.

Of course, time off is subject to approval by management.


Juliane and I have been together so long that Facebook has started advertising fertility treatments and services.


Tumblr can’t decide if I’m a gay man, a middle aged housewife, or a nerdy teenage girl. Apparently I break ad algorithms.


When I accidentally see ads on tumbr it’s historically mostly been ads for dental implants.


Yeah I only see them on mobile. But dental implants?


There is podcast that covers the good the bad and the ugly of algorithms. It’s really good.


Doing my paralegal homework makes me despair for the legal field and education in general. Half of these folks have worse grammar, writing, and critical thinking skills than I did in elementary school. The crimes against homophones are driving me to distraction, and very few of them back up their ideas and opinions with any kind of reasoning or facts. Everything is “because reasons.”


I’ll never see a stronger double-take than our HR department when offering them a giant tiny apple.


I hope everyone in NYC is okay. I heard about the terrorist attack.


Eh. Attacks like that aren’t even on my radar. I’m more likely to be hit by a car because the driver is stupid, not because they’re a terrorist.


Dammit Rym-Senpai just accept my concern for your well being!


I accept your concern for our well being, and that same concern expressed by many other people as well. But seriously, you people have to learn some NYC geography.

I live in Astoria, and even Astoria is a huge place. I work in midtown just north of Times Square, also a huge place.

The attack was 5 miles south of my office, and on an entirely different land mass from our homes. The attack happened at a time during which I am obviously at work, and not biking around the city. The odds of us being in danger from that incident are basically zero.

NYC has almost 9 million people. The odds of the few of us who live in NYC being the victims of any particular attack are so ridiculously low that worrying is of no use. New Yorkers aren’t concerned or worried. We are all just going about our business as usual. Non New Yorkers are much more upset and making a big deal out of it, as usual.

Please save your concern for our well being for incidents where there is sufficient evidence to suggest a higher probability that we might actually be the victims. When a drunk driver mowed over a bunch of cyclists during the NYC Century, nobody sent me any concerned messages, even though I was actually participating in that ride. Although, I was already well ahead of that part of the route when that crash occurred.


We appreciate your concern, but please save it for when it’s appropriate.

New York City is insanely big, it’s probably not anyone you know.

New Yorkers are tougher, less scared, and less worried than you non-NYers.

Learn NYC geography.

When the details of the story emerge, and evidence suggests that a person you know might actually be the victim, then feel free to be concerned.


Related: There’s been some very light movement on my potential move into Queens, Ridgewood specifically.

I found an owner actually willing to allow me to mortgage. I can’t afford the price of the appt, but I can afford 20% of it… This may actually happen.



Enormous my ass, your city is tiny.

Why bother? It doesn’t matter. Save your brain-space for something that matters, not pointless trivia.


Obviously has not met many Londers Bruv.