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ew. And if it’s a chain link, this automatically makes you an asshole.


I am often shocked by how uncoordinated and unathletic huge swaths of the population are. I can’t imagine not being able to do basic things easily like hop a low fence or walk up a single flight of stairs without getting winded.

The percentage of the people I see on a daily basis who can’t walk up a single flight of stairs without panting is staggering.


My insurance has a little questionnaire thing that they make me fill out and at the end it compares you to other people in your age group. It’s disturbing that doing more than 0 physical activity and not smoking is enough to get in the top 25%


Same. Apparently I am more active than 95% of New Yorkers.


So my company instituted the most late stage capitalist bullshit policy I’ve ever seen. You can -buy- extra vacation time from the company through payroll deductions.


I mean, phrasing it like that is bad, but that is literally what I ask for from my company. I would cut my salary by 20% to work 4 days a week.


In related news, I accidentally didn’t take the majority of my time off last year and normally that shit expires but I asked if I could have an exception because I used basically none of it. They agreed but politely asked that I not do this again. between now and october 2018 I have 28 days off.


May I suggest some PAX?


That sounds like a recipe for an awesome two-week road trip. Either start from home, or pick a cheap city to fly to and then rent a car. From your starting point, make a big loop, hitting every cool spot you find in your research. It’s a great way to experience a lot of different places in a short time - depending on where you go, you could hit 5-6 states easily. I’ve done this solo a couple of times before and have had some of the best experiences of my life.

If you spend some time getting lost on atlasobscura.com or roadtrippers.com you can get some really neat off-beat ideas for places to see and things to do.


Yo man if you’re Paxin’ buy your Tickets right the fuck now, the nearest PAX is damned near sold out, you’re already gonna have to miss Saturday unless you score a three day international. Come on, I already told you what’s on the slate in the PAX Aus thread, you know that action is calling you.


It may be slightly too late for me there. Flights leaving… tomorrow to melbourne seem to be between $1300 and $2100

Here’s that $1200 one:

Anyone up for 42 hours not counting the time you have to show up early to fly internationally? I think I may have accidentally the whole thing on PAX AUS this year.

Having never attended a PAX, I accept your suggestion.


Oh, I saw a round trip just the other day for like eight hundred, I should have remembered and told you. And it’s too late to pull in a favor and get you some non-rev.

But, I mean, fuck yeah I’m down for that. In fact, I think that’s almost exactly what the manager for Wombat is doing.


That sounds like 10 hours on a plane, 17 hours in an airport, somewhere in western canada followed by many more hours on a plane. Like, I don’t often say this, but I don’t even think Civ could get me through that. That only kills like 12 of those hours.

Not to mention scrambling to find a place to sleep in a new city. I usually plan better than that. I think I’ll give it a miss this year. So as not to leave you in suspense.


That sounds like 10 hours on a plane, 17 hours in an airport, somewhere in western canada followed by many more hours on a plane. Like, I don’t often say this, but I don’t even think Civ could get me through that. That only kills like 12 of those hours.

Do you not sleep on planes? My solution when doing emergency non-rev was just to stay awake and purposely crash out, so I slept most of the flight. Nowdays, if I’m flying long distance, I hang out and chat with the crew, read, sleep, so on.

And, I mean, I’d have to talk to a few people, but I could get you a place to put your head down, no worries. It’s not like I’m a stranger to Melbourne barring Pax. Hell, I got another friend an offer for a crash hot hotel deal in Sydney, hungover to shit, on a bad mobile line, out the front of a back-alley Chinese restaurant in Melbourne, with little more than nicotine and practically free green tea keeping me on my feet. I’m not sure he actually used it - I don’t remember that he did, so probably not - but I damned well managed it.


I sleep on planes… kinda poorly but I’m capable. I’m normally a sleeper who dies every night and resurrects in the morning. Planes magically transform me into a light sleeper, it’s weird.

I appreciate your willingness to help me out here and I’m even moreso impressed in your magic powers of persuasion, and your domination of crappy connections and bodily function. That said I’m still gonna decline. When pax aus is announced next year I’ll get my room right away and my tickets right away and I’ll come by and have a grand time. I’ll just be 28 which basically is the same thing as 27.


Most people can’t afford that, sadly and we’re limited to getting five days anyway. But it really grinds my gears that I have to pay my employer in anything other than my labor for vacation everyone ought to have in the first place.


How many days off do you get free?


Excellent! We look forward to seeing you next year. And you’re not that much younger than me, so hey, you’ll still be able to keep up.


Ten days. Which is of course standard in the US but when the entirety of the EU has minimum twenty its kinda bullshit.


Oh ew yeah that sucks. I just hope that’s not combined vacation and sick time.