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Brother, there are still places running ancient NC (not a typo, There’s no “C” to make it CNC) mills that run on punch strips - like a punchcard, but longer. They have specialized “Printers” for it, that punch the holes for you based on the g-code you’ve either written or produced with software, and some have changed the read heads so that it’s optical like a scantron sort of dealie, and you can make the cards off a much cheaper printer. They’re very rare, but they still exist.


I work in IT for manufacturing, and we have a few machines that still take 3.5" floppies. But I’ve never had to deal with 5.25".


I own 5.25" floppy discs and drives that work with my Apple //gs.


I owned floppies, to never have had any legitimate use for them. They still sit in my desk drawer unused.

Don’t even own a working drive anymore, to write to them if I wanted to.


I still have a couple Zip disks somewhere, although my Zip drive requires a parallel port, and I don’t have a computer that has one of those anymore, so essentially I can’t read the disks.

To those of you who don’t remember, Zip disks were an aborted branch of the memory tree. They held 100mb to 250mb and came in the dark period between 3.5 floppies and portable USB drives/sticks.


I’ve had vhs tapes that have moved with me every time since high school… and I don’t think any of those times I’ve owned a vhs player.


The only reason I still have a VCR is to be able to watch the last home release of the original Star Wars trilogy that didn’t have added CG bullshit and deleted scenes.


Why not just watch Harmy’s?


I was thinking about the whole Schezuan Sauce bull shit, and it almost reminds me of volunteering at anime cons. It’s like all of these people went through their first-nerd-con high without the proper space and structure to do so properly, basically a con high without the con.


People just like getting excited about things.


Excitement is fine. Excitement coupled with entitlement however…


I have never seen Rick and Morty, but I did read this in connection to the whole Schezuan Sauce fiasco:

"The Joke, which plays with the show’s theme that Rick is empty, alone and despondent despite having everything he could ever ask for, is that all that work was done for a silly arbitrary reason. There is no plan, and there is no meaning. It may as well be a dipping sauce.

This flew right over the heads of some of the show’s biggest fans, and McDonald’s stepped right up to take advantage of this face…

Because the fans don’t understand any level of what’s going on. If they understood Rick, they wouldn’t care about the sauce because no one in the show really cares about the sauce. It was never referenced in the show again. Dan Harmon himself explained to us that the line was put there just to rip on co-creator Justin Roiland’s love for the sauce. If they understood Morty, they would be kinder to the McDonald’s workers who didn’t ask for any of this.

And if they understood the point of the show so far - that living only for yourself is destructive and selfish no matter how smart you are - they would be ashamed at how they’re acting."


I don’t think it’s even necessary to attribute any greater meaning to the show in either direction. Saying the show has a particular point isn’t necessarily right either. The assholish way some people acted is something they should feel shame for independent of that. You can be the most misanthropic or nihilistic person on the planet and that doesn’t change anything. Just because things don’t matter, or do, to you doesn’t change that you’re behaving like an asshole to someone that doesn’t deserve it.

Given the demographics I really feel like it just comes down to some kids being absolute assholes because they want to test their boundaries and entitlements against the world, and the world should respond to them properly by telling them to not be such a fuckhead. Best case being some actual consequences that hit them where it hurts enough to get them to reconsider their behavior, whether that’s in peer approval, the wallet, or jail time depending on the action. It doesn’t have to be any more ethically enlightened than that, cartoon or not.


This happened with Homestuck fans, it happened with Supernatural fans, and it’s happening with R&M fans.

Fandom is the problem. Any major property will likely generate a core of overly obsessed nutters who build their identity around their consumption (as opposed to what they make or do). As soon as your identity is tied to someone else’s IP, you’re on the road to disaster.


The fact that there are Supernatural fans kinda blows my mind. My roommate several years ago used to watch that show and I thought it was so bad.


They’re more rabid than any Rick & Homestuck. They send eachother death threats over “incorrect ships.”


If you like psychological horror, check out the visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, even if you’re not a big fan of visual novels or anime. It starts out silly and fluffy and becomes something much much darker in short order. The less I say the better but I will say the trigger warnings are not kidding around. It is not a long game, it took me about three hours to get through it the first time around.


Almost every evening, I see some person struggle to hop a fence to go through the park.

It’s shockingly common. They always look like they’re either going to fall on their face, or have the fence lance their spine or worst.

why do you struggle Seriously, just hop the damn thing and go!


How tall a fence are we talking? A “hopping” fence or a “climbing” fence?


The height is irrelevant. There are very sensible places to put your feet, if you can’t hop, you can still safely climb over. However, even a tall fence, if you have footing, you can still flick your body over (ie. hop).

The problem is, the common attempt is to get their feet directly on top of the fence. Stand with both feet on top of the fence. Then step down, straight on to the ground. Doing it this way, YEH now height matters, but also, fence spikes matters.



Not my footage.