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I’ve looked at some. They are all waaaay too complicated.


Yeah… I’ve built those features into a ton of things in the past. I even tied it into a phone app at one point. It is super common… for an entirely different kind of software…





I want a GUI.

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The actual answer that Luke will reject and be mad about:

Don’t try to change software to match what you want. Change what you want to match the available software.


He could just build his own. I guess that’s the other end of this extremist spectrum.


What I want either costs $$$$$ or doesn’t exist. For me to match my actions to available software is to do work that is not useful to me… so why even do it?

And that’s my solution. I deleted all the to-do apps from my phone and gone back to using the built-in notes app.


So I work for this company called Asana that makes a work-tracking application with a free version that technically does all of the things you want to see: https://asana.com/.
It does track creation, due date, and completion time for tasks, although I don’t think there’s a way to comprehensively view that for many tasks at once.


We used Asana at work for a time. It’s a pretty neat product and I definitely recommend giving it a try. It even has some nice smartphone apps for it.


I checked out Asana. It gets closest to what I would want. However, to get all the way there:

“$375.00 per 12 months
plus applicable sales tax”

It certainly has a nice iphone app. It should for that price!


Welcome to the world of team-oriented premium business applications.


So generally I’m not a huge music fan, definitely not a pop music fan day-to-day, but I’m bored and youtube feeds up recommendations from tailor swift and katie perry and honestly those music videos are awesome. Just focusing on the video element, they did an awesome job. Might be the result of the money invested or whatever, but I walk out entertained. I enjoyed what they offered, even if it’s not music I’m going to come back to day to day. I kinda like that the videos are worth probably millions of dollars of investment. You can tell a unique little story in a very specific window that might not make money as a platform.


Pro tip, I manage to stop getting those recommendations by simply giving them a thumbs down on YT Music. My “random” station has me pegged to indie pop/rock, J and K pop, chiptunes and a small handful of artists that I purposely searched for.


To be fair, that $375 was for a team of five people. A team of 5 was the smallest possible team though.


So far this year I’ve had to copy 50 5.25" floppy disks. I think that’s more than every other kind of obsolete media combined. Surprisingly all but a couple of them were still fully readable.


Who is still using 5.25" floppies? Is it some ancient business archive or something?


Factory Automation Tools from Ancient Times


Companies that never move stuff to new media for me. The stuff I was pulling this week was mostly date stamped in the early to mid 80s. There’s no technical reason they shouldn’t have been rolled forward into newer archive formats, but most companies still don’t have good archiving practices, they probably didn’t even have official policy at the time.


I am 27 and have never in my life used, seen, held or otherwise interacted with 5.25 floppy discs.

I used to use 3.5 floppys all the time. They were kinda standard when I was a kid but the format preceding that was basically obsolete by then.


Oh I have seen that, it’s worse than 5.25" the nuclear forces use 8” disks.