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Just got home to see the crappo alumni magazine from RIT in my mailbox. Apparently the new president has started work. Surprise! It’s another old white guy!


Makes me proud of the folks my alma mater has hired as its presidents since I was there. In order:

  • Vartan Gregorian (okay, old white guy, but at least an Armenian immigrant)
  • Gordon Gee (old white guy, but no one really liked him and he bailed as a result)
  • Sheila Blumstein (temporary president until a new one could be found, old Jewish woman)
  • Ruth Simmons (old African-American woman, considered best college president in the country during her tenure)
  • Christina Paxson (not quite as old white woman)


"This doesn’t make sense, it was working yesterday, so why is it working today? "


Not sure why in the US the confederates are looked upon with anything but disgust, why are there parades and dress ups for what is the equivalent of a Nazi faction.

I’m trying to imagine Nazi vs Allies reenactments and Nazi songs and Nazi flags and stickers on peoples cars.


It’s the failure to adequately punish the actions immediately after the catastrophe. After WWII, every major Nazi the Allies could find was publicly executed. This included those who worked directly to advance the Holocaust like Goring to those who had no direct association with the Final Solution like Ribbentrop. Stalin knew that if Nazism wasn’t burned to the ground it would rise again. The rearrangement of Germany after the war furthered the dismantling of the forces that brought Nazis to power. That’s why Prussia, the most powerful German state for centuries, no longer exists. They had been the stronghold of political support for Nazism in the Wiemar Republic, and Churchill was steadfast on destroying that. After the Civil War, on the other hand, no Confederates were so much as given life in prison. The few restrictions on former Confederates were rolled back by the Amnesty Act of 1872. The Executive Branch largely worked to restore the antebellum structure rather than install a more just system. Why? Because after WWII, Germany was rebuilt by the people they’d attacked. After the Civil War, the South was rebuilt by a rich white man from North Carolina.

Furthermore, the resistance to military occupation after the war in Germany was minute compared to what occupying soldiers faced during Reconstruction (proportionately at least). While there were hold outs against the Allied forces, they never posed a significant threat. Military occupation ended because the mission was over and the threat had been suppressed (well… it was extended because of Cold War politics but that’s neither here nor there). Military occupation of the South was the exact opposite. Resistance was so strong that the occupation ended in 1877 after southern leaders called for a mob to sack the Capitol if they weren’t granted the Presidency (which they weren’t, but on the condition that Federal troops would be removed from the area). The Union victory in 1865 seemed decisive, but by 1877 it was clear that it was Pyrrhic.

In the popular Union marching song “John Brown’s Body” they chant “We’ll hang Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree!” and we fucking should have.

EDIT: I should also point out that there are Waffen-SS reenactors in Germany and Austria, but they’re very difficult to find as it is illegal.


Great summary, better than I could scrounge out of Wikipedia during my lunch break.


I cut most of my beard off a couple of weeks ago and now my students don’t recognise me.


I’m trying out QuteBrowser for the first time. It’s a graphical browser with vim-like keybindings. Pretty cool.


I’ll be going to Bunker Hill Community College in September to study History.


Sometimes I dream of Laputa and the civilisation that gave up power, forsaking their culture and reverting to more primitive technology to preserve life and sustain peace.

Or maybe that’s just the ones who stayed. There may have been other whom continued to advance, abandoning the planet to travel the universe.

I wonder where they’d go and what they’ll discover.

Then I wake up and think about the possibility of life genesis not having occurred on Earth, but elsewhere in the galaxy/ local group. Bacteria surviving on asteroids that may have just crash landed on Earth at the right time.

I think about what we could learn once we’ve fully decoded our genome; and what our potential intergalactic ancestors may look like.



I sometimes think about advanced aliens putting the bacteria on asteroids and aiming them at Earth.


“Hey, bet I can hit the third planet from Sol.”


TFW you’ve scored on Rocket League and you’re the last person to skip the replay.


The original Ice King:


I guess it was probably a good outcome w.r.t global warming though.


So in flash dance does she like refile that bucket after each dance session or before? I mean if its before then she is just dumping some stagnate water over here. It is a warehouse as well so it must get a bit grungy.



Bitcoins up over 4 grand. I have not paid attention to it since it hit that 1k mark way back. Kinda just catches me off guard each time.


Wanna know something hilarious/sad… I have/don’t have something like ~6 bitcoin that I got back in my 4th year of college. I thought it was nifty and traded them with my friends in my house for meals at the commons. I bought exactly 10 from an exchange for ~$6 each (bit more IIRC). Hypothetically, I’ve got $24k in the bank? Right?


Back your stuff up kids.


Christ, I think crypto currency is really shady but if someone wants to give me four grand for one I won’t say no.


Happy birthday me 37