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Capaldi is a great actor, but I never found his Doctor all that compelling. To me, it was a rehash of other Doctors with not much else to it. Maybe a new show runner would have hepled that, but a drastic tonal change may have been jarring with the same old face. Personally, I am stoked for a fresh new take on the Doctor and excitedly await 13.


Well, that’s the good thing about there being 13 of them, really! Even if you don’t like one, there’s always one for someone.


I’m scared to go into the Prince of Nothing thread, because I haven’t read TUC yet. :frowning_face:


Same. The book is already on my desk but I wanted to re-read The Great Ordeal first and misjudged my timing. Almost done though. Weirdly enough the chapter in which they descent through Ishtherebinth wasn’t all that bad this time.


I still haven’t made it more than 100 pages through the Judging Eye yet. I keep on meaning to but time and work just get in the way.


You just aren’t hungry enough for MEAT


Welcome to Night Vale has a vinyl release because today’s satire is tomorrow’s news


Someone got angry at me on the Girls Und Panzer subreddit because I slurred the honour of his waifu. What the fuck has happened in my life!


If you’re actually reading and commenting on the Girls Und Panzer subreddit, it’s already bad times.


Hey its a good anime! You know to not think and watch tanks. After a long day of work I just want to watch high school girls drifting Panzers.

But man this person, I assume some goblin, did not see the joke in '“We shall fluff them on the beaches…” I mean come on!


The problem isn’t that you like the show, it’s that you’re reading Reddit comments.


That is valid. I had hoped that by being on a bit of a niche subreddit I’d dodge the stupid but I was wrong it seems.


[quote=“Amp, post:193, topic:281, full:true”]
That is valid. I had hoped that by being on a bit of a niche subreddit I’d dodge the stupid but I was wrong it seems.
[/quote]The stupid is all throughout reddit. Even in the niche and mostly-good subs - Like for example, one of my favorite lefty subs, Gamerghazi, was happy to participate in smearing Joy-Ann Reid, but had literally nothing to say about Chapo Trap House(A super popular “True” left/Bernie supporter/Rosetwitter podcast right now) host Felix mocking a rape survivor, and when called out, making a CYA pseudo-apology to the CTH subreddit, but not the person he mocked.

And this is meant to be a very left-wing sub, who would normally be up someone’s arse with a rocket for mocking a rape survivor, but because he’s one of “Ours”(at least to the Bernie/Rose/True crowd) and did a little apology panto to cover our consciences so we can continue listening guilt-free, he gets away with it, nary a word spoken.


How I imagine GeekNights going from from lectures to lessons.


To be fair I’m certain we both have issues this this bubble echo chambers that are springing up on all sides at the moment. I have seen groups of my friends just gloss over issues that they had lambasted their hated opposition for. And of course if you bring it up your the arsehole.

I think with reddit it is so hit and miss. With them being niche there is the bubble mentality. r/tankporn is pretty chill and just cares about tanks. But r/EDC, boy you had better not question why an IT tech needs to have three pen knifes, a hand gun, a back up hand gun and a can of mace. Its very heavy on the old 2nd front. Its so hard to tell without getting in on them. Hell half the time you will get a straighter answer from the pit that is r/japancirclejerk then you would from r/japan. In summation people are dicks no matter where.

In this case I think it was some butthurt weeb. Did piss him off when he tried to PM me about how I didn’t understand the sanctity of Japan and I informed him I bloody well live there.

Edit; I also called him a knob goblin and a bum ferret. He has not replied. The former is a creature that lives under foreskin and the latter is a type of multi legged rodent that lives in the arses of particularly grimy individuals for those wondering on the entomology of English swears.


All that drama aside, who was getting fluffed on the beaches?



Well it was some boggling MS paint picture of Yukari in a swim suit. The plum even bad a parody song about how she was going to fluff all the other teams. I mean the characters nickname is Fluff because of her hair. But I mean come on.

@Greg Dam I took a 50/50 gamble and lost there.




Been listening to the Doom (2016) soundtrack a lot lately.