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I trained a neural net to recognize dick pics to improve workflow. I have a weird job.


I’m renouncing my Christianity. I’ve found a more sensible faith. I’m now a Doomsayer of Sithrak.


Sell that tech to tinder.


Trying to pin down my current political beliefs with a relatively small number of words:

I’m a radical centrist who leans strongly to the left.


My political beliefs summarized in a run-on sentence:

Married transgender interracial lgbt couples whose gender confirmation healthcare was paid for by single payer insurance should be able to use fully automatic firearms to defend their legal marijuana farms that they learned to run with government funded college degrees.


My political beliefs: Flesh is weak.


That’s a pretty cool way to do it. My own low word count is leveraging pre-existing political structures, while yours isn’t.

I don’t agree with you re. fully automatic firearms, but the rest seems pretty reasonable. I’m not 100% sure about fully government funded college degrees, though. It seems to me that education should be heavily subsidized by governments, but it shouldn’t be purely government funded.

To put it as a simple economic argument:

  • Someone being educated is a public good; society benefits from people being well-informed in lots of non-market ways that cannot be accounted for by purely market mechanisms. Thus government should heavily subsidize education
  • However, some degrees are more valuable to society than others in market-based ways, and I don’t any particularly good ways of accounting for this issue and helping people make better career decisions other than to incorporate market mechanisms as well.
  • Insofar as some degrees are more valuable than others in non-market ways, I don’t see any reasonable way to fix the incentive structure.
  • Insofar as the market mechanisms cause other issues (e.g. crippling student debt), just do more redistribution. Have a universal basic income, and make sure it’s big enough.


I have had that basic sentence in my head for a while now, it’s what I use when someone asks about my political stances. In all honesty while I think fully automatic firearms should be more legal than they are now I also think firearms in general should have more strict access controls. It is my opinion that it is far more the person than the object that ought to be controlled. If you don’t let people who shouldn’t have guns have guns then it doesn’t matter if its a BB gun or a rocket launcher the chance of it being misused is far far lower, but I haven’t been able to find a way to incorporate that into the slightly tongue in cheek / hyperbolic tone of my sentence. Like I agree with you that it might not be great for totally free no strings attached college education but the burden on students needs to be drastically reduced.


Also, hot takes on fascist propaganda:

The globalist elite is a real thing, and it’s not a “conspiracy” because it’s right there in the open where everyone can see it. It’s also a pretty good thing, on the whole.

The only problem is that politicians who are among the globalist elite are forced to be a little bit less open about it in order to appeal to the general public; i.e. the globalist elite uses careful wording to avoid upsetting “normies”. That said, since “normies” are generally in line with the globalist elite anyway, they don’t have to work anywhere near as hard as fascists do.


Got locked out of Twitter for 12 hours because I called a racist some mean words. Worth it I’d say.


Did you counter-tattle?

It only counts if you counter-tattle.


Yeah boooooooooooi!

(15 words)


Chinese reggaeton is not a thing I thought I’d ever hear.


You know, if you’re ever feeling distraught about your age, just remember that age is just a number. This is true, insofar as those numbers are a human invention to measure the law of entropy’s slow, deliberate dissolution of our corporeal forms, devised by our pitiably narrow ability to comprehend the vastness of time, of which the atoms in our bodies occupy an infinitesimally minute fraction of their existence to construct, in a universe comprised of trillions upon trillions of identical atoms, across unfathomable, impossibly large space, all of which is destined to return to the void, bit by bit, until all matter is reduced to energy and all energy quietly exits the universe, calculated to elapse 100 septillion years from now. Give or take.


links or it’s not real


I have no links. I was walking around campus and heard the very distinctive reggaeton beat. Walking closer, I realized it was Chinese, not Spanish.

Honestly, I’d be more surprised if Chinese students were listening to actual reggaeton than some Chinese singer copying it.


After WWII, every major Nazi the Allies could find was publicly executed. This included those who worked directly to advance the Holocaust like Goring to those who had no direct association with the Final Solution like Ribbentrop.

!0 men were executed, hardly every major Nazi Allies could find. Ribbentrop was shown to have directly involved in the final solution ordering diplomats in the occupied countries to hasten sending Jews to camps in the east.


Retroactive disclaimer: I haven’t read a book on World War II since middle school. I only know what I’m talking about with that war about half the time.


I miss Viga, she would be kicking butt and a half around the forum about now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that’s the problem with being in an online community for almost 12 years, the people that leave eventually outnumber those that stay.


Did you ever stop to consider that the Mushroom Kingdom is an Imperial regime propped up by Mario? We never find out what Bowser’s agenda is because propaganda has erased his voice from the narrative. How awfully convenient that Princess Peach is presented as a benevolent autocrat and yet her kingdom practices Mushroom/Koopa apartheid that even Rhodesia would wince at.

It’s strange too how the Mushroom Kingdom keeps expanding and expanding its tendrils into new worlds and territories, coincidentally alongside Mario’s actions to “liberate” them from Bowser’s freedom fighters.

Mario is ostensibly a “plumber” aka a patriotic avatar of the working class, but five bucks says he’s never really worked fixing plumbing a day in his life

Ever wonder why Bowser keeps stealing stars? Because NUCLEAR FUSION happens in stars; why should the Mushroom Kingdom have a monopoly over nuclear technology?

And don’t even get me started on the GOLD coins. Central bank hello?