Podcasts You Listen To

Oh shit, I’ve been a fan of theirs forever! I fell a few episodes behind on TAZ and missed the announcement.

I have just started listening to The Adventure Zone at the behest of my friends. They just started a new campaign, so that’s where I started.

Reply All is an excellent podcast, and the latest episode is an excellent Reply All.

You ever remember something from super long ago, and can’t find it anywhere on the internet?


One of my favorite podcasts! Their two-part Long Distance episode is my favorite!

I have two science fiction books I read in the 90’s that don’t seem to exist any longer.


Take pictures! Let’s see em.

No. They only exist in my memory. No matter how good I think I am at googling, I’ve never found them again.

Yep! The song “Six Inch Brain” by Miles from Nowhere. The band themselves barely exist on the internet, outside of one song from their album Deep Blue Something being on youtube. I remember it exactly, I could probably give you 90% of the lyrics, but it’s nowhere to be found.

In my case, one of the novels was called, I think, “The Last of the Dog Men” but in 1995 a movie of the same name came out, but with nothing to do with the novel, that I can tell. Now I can’t find the novel, as every permutation of the title is subsumed with results about the movie. That might have been a subtitle or just a chapter title. But the story is super clear in my mind!

After you listen to the episode you can read this.

The song has been on YouTube for a decade!


The song is on Spotify; it’s his third-most played.


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Contrast with the version dude produced from memory 30 years after the fact:

The New York Times bought Serial.

They’re also making a show about white parents and public schools.

Oh man, I should share this. A podcast I’ve been listening to for the last little bit is Spiritual Successor, which is basically, uh, a spiritual success to Polygon’s Cool Games Inc podcast, and is basically the same except the hosts aren’t Griffin McElroy (unfortunately) or a sex pest (fortunately!). It’s just a really fun time goofing about video games and it helps keep me sane alone in my apartment during the quarentimes.


I’ve been listening to it based on your recommendation and would say it is much better than just a Spiritual Successor to Cool Games Inc as most of the potential games they discuss sound enjoyable to play, rather than fun to watch others rage quit.

Random Number Generator Horror Podcast #9 - The creators of Welcome to Night Vale review horror films. Five episodes are up now.