Podcasts You Listen To

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Right now I just listen to The Doug Stanhope Podcast and Election College, but I’m looking to expand because audiobooks are getting expensive. What do you guys listen to?

I listen to, currently:

  • 538
  • NPR Politics
  • Fast Karate for the Gentleman
  • Pseudopod

StartUp Podcast
Slate’s Political Gabfest
Slate’s Amicus
NPR’s Planet Money
Reply All
Surprisingly Awesome
Radiolab Presents: More Perfect
Science Vs
Vox’s The Weeds
WTF with Marc Maron
Fresh Air
Brookings Institute’s Intersections

Edited to add:
I used to listen to 538 and to NPR’s Politics Podcast, but quit politics podcasts cold turkey, right after the election, until about a week ago, when I started listening to Slate’s Political Gabfest again. I just couldn’t listen to them anymore considering how wrong everyone was. Not sure if I’ll go back to 538 or NPR. I probably will, but during the run-up to the election, I went down a rabbit hole with politics podcasts, listening to 538, NPR, and the NYT podcasts every day.

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99% Invisible
Planet Money
Idle Thumbs/Important if True
No More Whoppers
The Dice Tower
Boardgames to Go
Laser Time
Talking Simpsons
Thirty Twenty Ten

Let’s do this!

Popular culture/media/two guys talking:
Reading Envy
Do By Friday
Hello Internet
Kermide and Mayo’s Film Reviews
Robot or Not
Reconcilable Differences
Road Work
Roderick on the Line
Unjustly Maligned
Top Four

Doug Stanhope Podcast
Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Comedy Podcast
The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast


Accidental Tech Podcast
Pessimists Archive Podcast
Talk Show with John Gruber

BBC F1 podcast (Chequered Flag)
The Tennis Podcast

In alphabetical order:
Bad With Money
The Dialogue Wheel
Dynamic Banter!
Game of Owns
Giant Bombcast
Giant Beastcast
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?
History of Westeros
The MCUExchange Podcast
My Brother, My Brother And Me
Only Stupid Answers
Radio Westeros
Ranger Command Power Hour

I have a few other I’m susbscribed to that I will often skip, but listen to if I’m driving for work and out of other options.

In no particular order…

The Beerists
Super Best Friendcast
Horror News Radio
Junkfood Cinema
The Flop House Podcast
Double Toasted

The Dice Tower
Worst Best Sellers

I’ve got a couple others I’m going to start listening to, but these are the only ones I regularly listen to right now.

Super Best Friendcast
Giant Bombcast
Yo! Videogames!
99% Invisible
NPR Politics Podcast
My Brother My Brother And Me

A few others I listen to when they have a topic I am interested in.

  • Another Question
  • Backstory
  • Cinema Supercollider (occasional)
  • Comic Strip AP
  • Discern Realities
  • Downloadable Content
  • Fear the Boot
  • Games People Play
  • GeekNights
  • Narrative Control
  • One Shot
  • Sirlin.Net Game Design
  • Sistertime Podcast
  • Slate Presents Lexicon Valley
  • Spellburn
  • System Mastery + Movie Mastery
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Jank Cast
  • Welcome to Night Vale (occasional)
  • You Made It Weird

28 Plays Later
99% Invisible
The Broad Experience
Background Briefing
Chat 10 Looks 3
Common Sense
The Dollop
Downloadable Content
The Gastropod
Hardcore History
The History Chicks
Imaginary Worlds
MSG (although I think these guys have stopped)
Off Track
Pop Culture Happy Hour
Rear Vision
Savage Lovecast

I thought Hawktalk was going to be about actual hawks. I was excited then disapointed.


In no particular order

BBC Global News
The Infinite Monkey Cage
Gamers With Jobs Conference Call
Rachel Maddow
Geek Nights
Hello Internet
Linear Digressions
You Are Not So Smart
Data Skeptic
Freakonomics Radio
The Game Design Round Table
Hardcore History
Common Sense
Idle Weekend
Meet The Press
Real Time with Bill Maher
Talking Machines
Three Moves Ahead
Writing Excuses
BBC Friday Nigh Comedy

I’m not sure how I keep up with all of these >>

If anyone suggests that you listen to a show called Friday Night Party Line, don’t do it, it’s terrible, the hosts are dumb, and one has a really stupid accent.


I assumed it was an AV problem. Isn’t his video always upside down too?

I’m not going to throw the whole list because since I’ve started to replace more and more of my podcast diet with audiobooks I’m not up to date with many of the podcasts I listened to. That said, I want to give my praise to First Mondays

Two lawyers who are both former supreme court justice clerks generally talking shop about the inner workings of the supreme court.

If nitty gritty legal details of the last check on the president’s power in this country is your thing, I highly recommend it.

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Okay, so instead of just big lists, which I like, but aren’t really useful for knowing which are anyone’s favourite, how about we all recommend just ONE podcast? Not your favourite podcast, but the one you are most excited or interested to share.

I’m going to go with the Pessimists Archive Podcast. There are only three episodes so far (monthly podcast, I think), but they’ve all been good. It looks at technology that, when it was first released, there were many predictions that it would be the cause of the end of society.

The first episode was about the Walkman. The second was about when “the good old days” were, when we say things used to be better. The third was about recorded music itself. I like the reporting, the stories, and the balance of the viewpoint.

Here’s the website: http://pessimists.co

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I regularly listen to:

  • GeekNights
  • Anime World Order
  • Fast Karate for the Gentlemen
  • Friday Night Party Line
  • Dear Hank and John
  • GameGrumps (if that counts, I treat it as a podcast most of the time)
  • RT Podcast

If I had to give one recommendation per Luke’s request, probably Dear Hank and John, if you enjoy vlogbrothers you will enjoy this podcast.

As far as a single recommendation, probably The Adventure Zone. It’s three sweet sweet brothers playing D&D with their Dad. The production value and the goofs are all top notch.


I have way too long list of podasts on my iTunes subscriptions feed, but as I don’t actively listen most of those currently, I’m not going to list all of them here. So I guess I give the stuff I’m currently listening and what I’m planning to pick up and catch up on soon(ish).

Friends at the Table is tabletop rpg actual play podcast. It’s the main reason why I haven’t been keeping up with anything else, as I’ve been listening FatT every time I’ve walked to the store or anywhere.

Giant Bombcast and Giant Beastcast two videogame podcasts from giantbomb.com. Beastcast is probably superior, with better hosts and shorter episodes, but I’ve usually kept up with both of them.

Fast Karate for the Gentleman is mandatory listening.

Geeknights, and Friday Night Party Line are on top of the list of “podcasts that I haven’t listened in ages, but I really should as they are really good.”