Podcasts You Listen To


Really enjoying The Gist right now. Feels like the sort of news analysis and humor mix I want out of a daily short podcast.


The Scathing Atheist is very funny, as is it’s spin-off, God Awful Movies - would be awesome to hear Rym and Scott as guests on that one :slight_smile:


I don’t know about that. I am an atheist, but I make it my policy not to touch any media with the word atheist in the title with a ten foot pole. There is a lot of neck shaving needed in those regions.


Late reply but thank you so much for recommending this. I’ve been tearing through it at work the last through days. I don’t think I realized just how many years I’ve been waiting to hear someone talk about Animorphs at length. I don’t have time to go back and re-read the whole actual books, so being able to go through it again vicariously through such fun, insightful, adorable hosts is such a great alternative. :+1:


“Atheist” and “rational” are words I always steer clear of.


I’m really enjoying risky business right now for security podcast.



You’re welcome.


The Scathing guys are cool, it’s a comedy show first, though Noah Ludgens (the main host) does a diatribe at the start of each episode. God Awful Movies is totally comedy-focused


Friends of mine recently turned me onto http://idontevenownatelevision.com/ podcast featuring funny discussions on bad books old and new. Really gives me that itch to understand a medium I really don’t give enough time to. Although it talks about bad books, it gives me the desire to start reading novels again. Highlights include:

  • God’s Debris - Scott Adam’s version of Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas

  • Clockwork Angels - Novel based of Rush’s Concept Album of the same name created by a guy who writes his novels through transcribing his monologues while on nature walks

  • Ready Player One & Armada - Self-Explained

  • Sass Girls X - One man’s insanely sophomoric tale of Bill and Ted types hooking up with space alien girls.

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s The Silver Eyes - Lore continuation from the Lore churning video game

  • The DaVinci Code

And many many more!


I didn’t realise Podcast411 came back - I stopped following the feed after a move of podcatchers during the 2008/2010 hiatus. I am not sure if I should follow it again or if I have enough that following that will just put more podcasts in my backlog.


This is why I recommended Citation needed here instead of Scathing Atheist/Skepticrat. You get to know if you like their comedy without all the baggage their other shows politics/religion news bent puts in your mind.

But saying that Listening to their President Trump Sketches are amazing:


Video Games Hot Dog
Polygon Podcast

The Bafflercast
Street Fight Radio
Citations Needed
Chapo Trap House (don’t @ me)

Dave & Joel
Fast Karate for the Gentleman

Culture and Comedy
Hardcore History
Regular Features
You Are Not So Smart

Key Frames: A Podcast about Anime (disclosure brag: I’m on this sometimes)


I tend to go for those with lively banter, or a good fiction podcast. Also as someone with ADHD, I on occasion listen to podcasts which involve mindfulness in the hopes it ‘sticks’.
Currently a selection of what I listen to is:

  • Pod Save America
  • Pod Save the People
  • Lovett or Leave it
  • Hackable
  • Homecoming
  • Steal the Stars
  • Simplify
  • Fast Karate for the Gentleman
  • Anything from the Public Radio Alliance

Though with all the great suggestions I expect the list to grow quite a bit!


You can still enjoy shitty media by shitty, rape-victim mocking people, without being a shitty person yourself, if you are willing to acknowledge the problematic elements, and you feel you can clear it with your conscience. If we were only able to partake of things with zero problematic elements, and zero connections to problematic people, we’d all be very, very bored.

I mean, you can watch and enjoy Fight Club without feeling Tyler Durden is a good person, or someone to be emulated, can’t you? Same thing.



Chapo is like 70% good and 30% bad. Felix sucks, mostly because he’s made noises about owning up to his shitty behavior of the past and apologizing without ever actually doing it anywhere more public than a comment on a reddit post in his own subreddit :P.

The rest of the cast is fine to great tho.


On top of that, he never even tried to apologize to the person he actually mocked, pretty much the one person he really needed to apologize to. I’m all for forgiving folk if they apologize and try to make good, but he hasn’t even really tried, he made a face-saving PR stunt to ease the consciences of his fans, he doesn’t really give a damn.

Though I wouldn’t say the other cast is fine-to-great - though at least they’re not as actively shitty as Felix. Their issues are more just with being base-level privileged white-dude shitty(casually dropping ableist slurs, for example), and an almost crass level of political ignorance. Neither of those things are really good, but at least it’s not as bad, I guess?

On terms of pure entertainment, at least, they’re not my style, but yeah, they don’t do a bad job. They’re funny dudes, at least, they can be criticized for a lot, but failing to be funny, at least, isn’t one of them.


Don’t mind the guy you are responding to. He is a racist dick who likes to butt in.


Ah, yes. Meet our resident BernieBro, xenophobe, and guy who I was generally politely ignoring because he seemed to have at least toned it down. Alas, apparently not.
He’s dumb enough to think that telling an international political journalist(Hi!) to stop commenting on the American Primaries and election that people were literally paying him to cover, because he’s not American, was a good idea. Spoilers: It was not, and did not go well for him, since he spent the next few months with half the forum basically taking him to school every time he opened his mouth. He’s currently lashing out because I criticized CTH.

I’d tell you to fuck off, GG, but honestly, I don’t care. Stay, it’s fine. You’ll have precisely the same amount of impact either way.


I don’t mind him? Those are valid criticisms of a show that I, none the less, continue to find entertaining and worth while. Chapo is def a problematic fav.


Is DG actually Muppet? Not all names stayed the same in the forum switch.