Podcasts You Listen To


I should look at the high femme podcasts.


I would if it wasn’t for the fact that I can only see what one of them are.

Do any of you guys remember the old Happy House of Hentai? I remember laughing my ass off listening to them.


I remember hearing references to that on AWO but being unable to find an archive of it.


The Bright Sessions - A psychologist holds therapy sessions with patients who have supernatural gifts.


Ear Hustle
A low security prison in the US allows the production of a podcast, produced completely inside and with various guests from within the prison. Only 2 episodes in but one that is very interesting to compare with other prison media that I’ve consumed (e.g. TV shows and movies).


The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds in which Dave Anthony reads a story from history to comedian Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic is about before the show starts. Usually they do American history but in the episode I’m linking to they discuss Icelandic history and the Icelandic Necropants. Dave Anthony is often accused of being an amateur historian because he doesn’t have academic credentials, but their show on the Emu War had more detail than I knew existed, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time researching that.


@lukeburrage you were mentioned in the most recent HI podcast for your Trafalgar square juggling that got asked to stop over.


Yes I was:


You trying to russle my history jimmys boy! Amateur historians! baaaaaah

But that actually sounds pretty good will stick it on the list. I do love anything to do with the Emu war, though not as good as the goat wars.


Perhaps you can elaborate in the history thread?


I just learned about opium and racism, they’ve got another subscriber now.


Podcast page


I have two “newer” podcasts I just found which I want to recommend.

First the actually new podcast “Citation Needed” is 5 comedians coming together to read a wikipedia article on a subject and basically fill everything else between with jokes…If you enjoy it they have 4 other podcasts between them which will provide you with more current affairs and/or bad movie based comedy as well.


On a recently returned old podcast. From 2006-2010 there was a videogame music podcast called “Into the Score” which is a in depth musical study and music history analysis of different videogame soundtracks. The old episodes are still online which are well worth listening to because of the analysis.

Two months ago the podcast returned as a youtube show.


@Greg one of the episodes of Citation Needed is about Andrew Jackson. I think you’re obligated to give it a listen :wink:


I recently started listening to the Morph Club podcast. Animorphs will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first sci-fi I encountered. So hearing a couple of ladies my age geeking out over each book is pretty magical.

Listen if you want to reminisce about Andalites being adorable dorks.


Xpost from the Trump thread, CBC Ideas did a great piece on American Fascism


Levar Burton Reads

Levar Burton reads short fiction into your ears. Simple as that :ok_hand:


Yes, I was planning on recommending that too.

As for my recommendation: The Read

It is podcast of two black people: Kid Fury and Criselle, who are also gay girl/guy. They have stupid celebrity gossip, which can be funny, but the listener questions and The Read are where it’s at. They do “Reads” of telling off people who either doing racist shit in public or something along the lines of discrimination. I would recommend this to any white person, if they ever want to get perspective black millennials who are just tired of all the racist bullshit in this world.

They are hilarious along with inspiring in regards to civil rights. I am almost caught up on the last year. I wish I discovered them when they came out. I would have went to their Seattle show and probably had more something to cheer me up during these last crazy fucked up years with people of color.


I posted the trailer for “Conversations With People Who Hate Me” a while back (scroll up a few posts).

The first episode is now up.


Been listening to http://www.lorepodcast.com/ for awhile. Really put together well and episodes run about 20-30 min at most. The music on the show is also done very well also.

Podcast411 did a interview with the host of the show Aaron Mahnke.