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Pretty sure that dude had the same name in the old forum. Anyway on topic Bodega Boys is the new hotness as far as podcasts go. Those guys are super funny.


Definitely not. Muppet was…well, a bit of a muppet, but he was a different guy. Different writing style, different history, different person, about the only thing they had in common was being And also, while I’m not so big on Muppet, and even less keen on Gomez, I doubt either of them are weird enough nor would have time enough to play this long of a con for something so minor as playing themselves as two single supporters of a political candidate, for no real tangible benefit.

And that’s cool, man! Like I said, if you’re doing it with a clear conscience(after all, self care is important!), and you’re at least acknowledging that they can be shitty even though you’re still a fan, then we’re cool. I don’t blame you, they’re funny guys, they make an entertaining show. I mean, shit, I’m definitely not perfect, I’ve been doing FNPL for what, six, seven years now? I don’t doubt I’m/we’re someone else’s problematic fave too, I couldn’t possibly be really down on you just for liking it, even if it’s not my jam.

Bodega boys, I’ve heard that name, what’s that all about?


Two really funny guys from the Bronx. Desuss and Mero basically riffing on goings on in culture and news. I think their late night show is better just because it’s 30 minutes of content as opposed to an hour thirty so they cut the fat a bit more but it’s worth a listen.


Glad I took a break from this thread. Sad that hurting my back and boredom have eventually brought me back. I am glad he never said racist shit to you. White people are racist and I get that but he likes to punch left when half this forum is about problematic shit. He specfically took you to task for something he was just gonna give you a pass on anyway because, well he’s a racist asshole.

For some context: I forget if this was in the previous forum or in this one. He made a sarcastic racist quip that I obliviously didn’t like Marcos Moulitsas, of DailyKos, because he has a funny sounding name, as if as a Latino and an indigenous person, I had never heard of that shit before. I just gave up at that point. I’m used to taking racist shit from white people from settler states at this point. Hell, people in this forum have definitely said worse but they didn’t try to get high and mighty with me about. I do dislike Moulitsas because he is a right wing asshole. He was from a conservative salvadoran family and he famously spoke well of the CIA and the American Military in general. The CIA and the American empire slaughtered my people, and other peoples all across this continent but I am supposed to scrape and bow when some reactionary Latino goes full imperialist and brags about how great the institutions are that murderered and continues to murder my ancestors and my contemporaries. White people only seem to like their useful POC friends and ignore the critical ones that don’t make them feel good about themselves.

The worst part is that this is some racist white guy with a victim complex because as an Australian and an “international journalist” and expects me to cry a river over it because I wont give him a gold star for knowing that a person of color exists.


Been giving Star Trek the Next Conversation for a couple of weeks now. Its an episode by episode breakdown of the Next Generation by two of the script writers for Goldbergs. It is a pretty good look from a script writing perspective about how the scenes and stories are put together along with the good and bad. Over all a pretty good listen for a commute or cleaning.

The major negative is that their editing is terrible, quite a bit of dead air is the worst part. Though the other flubs do add to the charm. That said they have hired an editor so that should improve. The other negative would be their slight over use of sound boards in the earlier episodes, does come across a little talk show radio.

My personal favourite is the ‘Andy’s theories’. Which creates the theory that, Wesley is a sociopath who is manipulating the crew so he can take over the ship and has made his mother the head of medicine so that he can control who lives or dies. That Beverly doesn’t know what shes doing. But my personal is that Jordie is a mechaphile who is attracted to the ship. Which strangely makes sense based upon his reactions to mechanical devices.


Waypoint Radio. If you want someone to say actually important things about video games and surrounding culture, Austin Walker is probably your best bet.


Sooo Many White Guys is my new obsession. I am burning through the archive.



I don’t know if it qualities as a podcast, but I have been relistening to Yahtzee Crowshaw’s Let’s Drown Out. It was a show where Yahtzee (from Zero Punctuation) would join with his friend Gabe to play a boring game and just have little discussions over them, be it about news, game news or just things that grinds their gears. Sadly though it ended last year when Yahtzee moved to America. Still, a really fun listen/watch


Two fabulous friends of mine, Maggie and Ash, started a drunken behind-the-music podcast:

Rock Candy Podcast

A weekly treat of music tidbits- from album reviews, to band drama, to all around drunken banter on some of the best tunes that were ever written- Rock Candy will satisfy your musicophile sweet tooth!


Yahtzee used to live with a friend of mine. Once I offered him some cheese and he just frowned and left the room. This has no bearing on whether his podcast is good or not.


Huh, funny coincidence. I knew him in passing, partially through Yug and Shay, partially from going to the bar. Not well enough that I’d call him a friend or owt, but enough to say hi and chat briefly passing in the street.

Yeah, that has not turned out so well, considering pretty much the entire cast barring maybe one guy has been caught up in one shitty controversy or another, with the latest two being on Amber - First, going after a prominent black DSA member for not being polite enough in calling out people acting racist(because said racist was a friend of hers) and basically accusing all disabled DSA members of being Wreckers and//or cops. Which also brought back up her going after the entirely lovely Sady Doyle a while back by pulling up her old article about having a hospital stay for Depression and Bipolar, and suggesting she couldn’t be trusted when she was criticizing CTH because she was having a “relapse”(Obviously, she wasn’t), and Felix mocking someone else on twitter for having bipolar.

They are thoroughly shitty people, and do not deserve your support.


I have a few re-updating/newer shows to recommend…but I will start with one.

The Real Congregation by Marc with a C. Marc is a musician and record geek’s journey into his record collection and he plays an eclectic mix of music as well as doing episodes which focus on specific artists (The Monkeys, a whole episode on Weird Al’s original songs, etc.)

It started off on the radio and then moved to nerdyshow before going on hiatus but recently it has come back on Marc’s patreon.

It helped him go to Canada to produce his latest album “Obscurity” which came out at the start of the month:


If you like that, you might also like “Song By Song”, it’s a show where two musicians, Martin(also a recovering physicist) and Sam(mostly works in Theatre) going through Tom Wait’s entire discography, as the title suggests, one song per episode.


Huh? Is being a physicist an addiction?


Marc has mentioned on an episode he is in the middle of writing up something similar to that but to do with Frank Zappa and “the one big song” song by song into my queue.


You know how it is, man. First they start you on the little stuff, like classical mechanics and basic thermodynamics, next thing you know, you’re offering to work out orbits and do ballistics calculations on street corners jonesing for another hit of Physical Review’s latest. Come on man, even just a copy of Physics letters, just to keep you going, just a little taste.

Zappa would make another good series like that, too.


Outside of sarcasm, what did you mean by “recovering” in that initial post? That seems like a strange term to tack on alongside “physicist.” I tend to relate “recovering” with a negative connotation, like escaping particular habits like drugs.


As a recovering mathematician I can relate.


Basically, he used to be a physicist, but now he’s not. IIRC, he’s a combination podcaster and international house/pet sitter with his wife. It’s the same joke he uses on the show about page, I just swiped it.


Ah, okay.
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