Podcasts You Listen To


Pretty heavy overlap with everyone else here but a couple I see no mention of:

Adam Ruins Everything: Basically interviews with experts in various fields that people have misconceptions about. Usually people that were on the TV show but much more informative than the show tends to be.

Futility Closet: Interesting and weird historical anecdotes. They try pretty hard to verify everything and most of the more detailed stories are in that “how have I not heard of this?” / “why is this not a movie?” category.


Greatest Movie Ever / Anime Fun Time Podcast. Is one of the better movie and anime reviews out there. Been listening to Paul Chapman and all his wonderful guest hosts for years now.


I am just going to recommend some podcasts which haven’t been mentioned before in this thread (At least here.) and only doing the comedy ones

Loading Ready Run has a few podcasts that I listen to:
Sidewalk Slam a Wrestling storyline podcast which has been running for the last year and actually got me into actually watching WWE.
AnoAni (I still don’t remember the name of the anime I saw that day.): Seasonal anime reviews/previews.
Qwerpline: Is an improve Comedy podcast of a Talk Radio show around 20-30 minutes an episode and amazingly funny with running jokes and characters. Watching the youtube versions is also great since they have original drawings for all the products and services mentioned in the broadcast.
TapTapConcede: Don’t listen to this one but it is a Magic the Gathering podcast so I am sure that some people here might like it. They also do a livestream of the Pre-Prerelease of new sets.

I would also suggest all of Nerdyshow Podcasts but I will highlight a couple of them.
Dungeons and Doritos: Fantasy RPG podcast started off as mostly jokey but can also get all serious. One of the initial characters is Chair a naked dwarf who was once a literal Chair.
Friday Night Fanfiction: People originally from OCRemix reading the worst of the worst fan fiction in a drinking game.
Ghostbusters Ressurection: A tabletop RPG Podcast using the classic Ghostbusters RPG from the 90s set in Central Florida. Currently on its third season of adventures.
Lightning Dogs: The writers room of creating a pitch bible for the best 80s Action cartoon which doesn’t yet exist. Where Anthropomorphic dogs tare up a mad max style wasteland against the evil Glampyre.

Other podcasts not part of a big group:
So Many Levels: Another D&D podcast - Christiana Ellis is the DM and Jared Axelrod is a player and they are Authors who podcast their work back in 2005-ish.
Fish Shark Marketting: An improve comedy podcast by Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman as marketing executives solving problems like Bostin’s drug crsis and selling Dean Cain’s Garbage Juice.
God Awful Movies: going through awful Christian movies and other movies including the worst one Vaxxed (Andrew Wakefield using autistic kids as props to scare parents.)
Freinds from the internet: Dave (from Fast Karate) other podcast with Graziella. “Downtown nemuru Ultimate Anime sleepytime Challenge” is the cutest thing because Dave tries to make Graziella guess between real and fake anime titles.
Jimquisition: The Jimquisition podcasts are great you have the videogame one (Podquisition) and Conrad Zimmerman from fistshark marketting also joins Jim with “The Spin-off Doctors” where they review videogame movies. Where postal is actually funny because they reviewed it the week after reviewing Pixels.


Manga/Movie Mavericks - Discussion of manga (Fridays) and anime-based movies (Sundays). I had to plug this site today because the latest episode tears into the SAO movie, and I was laughing my ass off.


I’ve recently been listening to Song Exploder. They have musical artists come on pick a song to break down track by track, and discuss the decisions and production behind it.

Each episode is 10-20 minutes, so they’re a nice digestible size. The show gives me the same kind of brain feel as 99% Invisible and to some extent Radiolab. I’m still working through the episodes featuring artists and songs I’m familiar with, but plan to go through the whole back catalog.


The Commander Thinks Aloud is heartbreaking:


I have that episode downloaded but haven’t listened yet, I guess it’s up next!

I’m listening to the Anamaniguchi episode right now. So far the Tune Yards one might be my favorite; that song just has so much energy and so much going on!


I also love how they actually use the song stems on the episodes to illustrate what the artists are talking about, it’s what locked me into the podcast.


[quote=“Apsup, post:20, topic:479”]
Geeknights, and Friday Night Party Line are on top of the list of “podcasts that I haven’t listened in ages, but I really should as they are really good.”
[/quote] Man, I don’t even listen to FNPL and I run the thing.

Podcasts I listen to…
Honestly, Most of the time I just fire up NPR One and let it run. That gives me a good smattering of stuff, but they’ve figured out what I like, which generally gets me:

  • Marketplace (daily market news)
  • Planet Money (cool economics podcast)
  • NPR News (duh)
  • It’s all Politics (double duh)
  • The Hollywood Breakdown/The Business (entertainment industry news)
  • Twenty Thousand Hertz (sound design podcast, super good)
  • Press Play
  • To the Point
  • Freakonomics

Basically, NPR knows I care about the economy, hollywood, and politics, which is not wrong.
Outside of NPR One:

  • Hello Internet (with CGP Grey and Brady Haran)
  • Geeknights (occasionally)
  • ATW9K (infrequently, but very enjoyable!)
  • NHK World News podcast
  • and, VERY SELDOMLY, NHK Worlds Japanese lessons


I must be a totally heartless bastard because I thought that song was awful on every level. The guy can’t sing, the lyrics are corny, the instrumentation is unappealing.


I have started listening to two other True Crime podcasts. The first is S* Town (or Shit Town) - a new show show similar to Serial but maybe not about a murder but more about the shit which goes on in small rural communities. Listening to the John talk is interesting since he is basically a nerd which never escaped the countryside he lives in.

S-Town is a new podcast from Serial and This American Life, hosted by Brian Reed, about a man named John who despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks Brian to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder.

I also listening to a podcast called Suspect Convictions which is very much like the original season of Serial in a format leading up to the person’s second retrial for the murder:


Thanks for this suggestion! It’s really great storytelling and comedy, and by far the best D&D play podcast I’ve heard so far.

The bad thing is now I’m all caught up, and have to listen episode by episode now, not chapter by chapter.


RPG podcasts are my jam, but I don’t usually listen to Actual Play. However, I’m enjoying Acquisitions Incorporated: The C Team, primarily for Jerry’s GMing antics.

I find podcasts are superior to video for AP. There’s no way I’d sit down and watch this, but while going to work or doing the dishes? No problem.


Adventure Zone is definitely a notch up on most live play podcasts I have heard I listened to a few of them but gave up because most of them are usually just people around the table with crappy room microphone between them. The only one which has come close to it as far as production value and getting a serious story out of it is nerdyshow with Dungeons & Doritos and to a lesser extent the one shot Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program which both have editing and an original score which what makes The Adventure Zone stand out. (They also have a Ghostbusters and Pokémon RPG podcasts…but the pokémon doesn’t have the editing and the Ghostbusters one uses Ghostbusters score as the background music.)


I want to put a bit of an update on S Town because I have finished now - It is not actually a true crime series even if it starts that way at the end it turns into one of the most tragic uplifting stories I have heard and I sure as fuck hope I get out of this crappy little village before I am 49 like John.


I’ve started listening to Cosmic Vertigo. An astronomer and an astrophysicist talk about how cool space is. There are only eight episodes so far and each one is 20-30 minutes, so it’s not a huge commitment.

This morning on my way to work, I learned about the hexagonal storm on Saturn!


I feel like this video is a good judgement of whether or not you’ll enjoy Dynamic Banter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GsZV-wJ7KA


Gerald Rathkolb’s handy guide to anime podcasts:


I love that Dave and Joel have a category all by themselves. It is accurate.No other anime podcast does what they do as perfectly as they do it.


Yeah, that seems accurate for the anime podcasts I listen to.