Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


The cool thing is that you can now choose which maps you want to play. Don’t like Miramar? Just go Erangle. With the new map, there’ll be three choices, depending on what kind of game style you want. Sneaky? Wide open? Frantic? Pick a map, pick a drop zone.

The slow opening menu has also been solved by delaying the display of your character in the item screen.


Oh I was saying that more as a comment for folks like @apreche that that kind if thing has been sorted out.


I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.

So many keybindings. That alone have me some ancient feels.


Well, it is based on an ARMA mod, some traditions have to be maintained.


I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the maps. They are all islands with a few major sites and lots of small er locations scattered about. If they wanted variety in maps they should make some that are very different. Make one that is just one big city with a suburban sprawl out to the edge. Just endless houses and strip malls and such. Or maybe make one that is a jungle. Not much civilization to get equipment from. Perhaps melee only?? Lots of difficult landscapes to deal with. They should name it “Predator”.

The thing is, the maps being different or not doesn’t matter because the random location of the circle ends up creating a ridiculous variety of gameplay. You have no idea where it is going to be when you parachute in. If you end up being far outside of it you are going to have to MOVE. If you end up being inside of it, you can camp. Even though every match I played I ineffectively died, my starting location relative to the circle was the number one factor in making each match interesting and fresh.


Right. The circle location is the single most interesting thing in all these battle royale games. Unpredictable terrain? Every game is the crazy different!

The new map is 4km x 4km, not 8km x 8km, so the gameplay is different in ways that the current two maps don’t allow. I played it for a few days on the experimental servers earlier this month, and it feels like a new version of the game, not just a different look to the terrain.


The Jungle map is going to be released today I think. I got to play it during testing and it’s a really cool map, you’ll probably dig it. And there is a big variety of gameplay possible and they’re experimenting with it I’m guessing in preparation for adding new permanent modes. Every few weeks they’re throwing out different game modes with bigger squads, deathmatch modes with respawn, changing weapon availability, etc…


Half size with the same number of players is interesting indeed, and definitely changes the game. I still think it
would be cool to have a map that is structurally different.

How about an archipelago of tiny islands? No bigger islands, just small ones and smaller ones. Boats instead of cars. Lots of risky swimming will be required.

How about an urban map with tall buildings as well as a network of tunnels and basements? Going up high could get you in trouble if you are outside the circle, but could be very good if you are inside of it. Probably have to add BASE jumping as an option, though.

How about a map that is way OP. Lots of tanks, helicopters, rocket launchers, and other ridiculous shit. Flamethrower?

Put one or more trains on a map. Players can’t control the trains, but they can hitch a ride or maybe derail it! They can definitely be hit by it.


I like the train idea. The islands and city thing already happens on the maps to a certain extent, depending on the circles.


I don’t play PUBG because it can become a time sink for me. But the idea of a train is pretty cool. Tho it’ll be like the train on a loop episode from Adventure Time cuz you can’t really go very far even in an 8x8km space.

The idea of the entire match being on a train would be very interesting. Train cars randomly disconnecting?


I think the desert map originally seemed like it was going to be more city-like but in reality it’s not. It has way more buildings and they kinda edged around the foliage problem by just not really having it. Not sure if they would do a proper metro area but I’d be into it.


It’s not so much the theme of the map, but the structure. All the maps are structurally the same. They have a few heavily developed areas surrounded by large open spaces freckled with other smaller developments.

Make a map where the entire surface is heavily developed. Make a map where the entire map is poorly developed.

Make one large heavily development surrounded by absolute nothingness.

Make a two-fort with two very big developments separated by a wall that can only be crossed at certain choke-points. Hope the circle is on your side! Maybe make it a 4-fort.

Make a map with a ton of roads, but also a ton of vehicles. Instead of having a big circle that gets smaller have it be a medium sized circle that keeps moving around, forcing everyone to drive around a whole bunch.

How about this. Make a Fallout map. You can’t see anything from the sky. All the developments are in vaults underground that are very hidden. You can randomize the locations to prevent memorization. You can also make it so they are challenging to open, and the methods of opening them are randomized. Everyone is just swinging sticks at each other right until someone digs up some power armor.


I think once you play more PUBG you’ll find a lot of these situations arising from the circles as they work now.

Underground and levels don’t work. Look at the videos of PUBG where the circle ended at Shelter. Some people on the surface, some underground, and no way to kill each other so they die to the circle. It’s just down to who can heal up fastest.

Now they’ve made it so the final circles aren’t above tunnels or bridges. Also so they aren’t at sea. It’s way better that way.

Levels and tunnels would work if there was a three dimensional blue zone, forcing people first to the right z axis and then to the same spot.


Right, that’s what I was trying to say. It was thought to be heavily developed but in reality it’s not. It’s more but not all the way.

Yeah, you’ll get hints of this from circle location. They force some interesting terrain situations. Which is why I think they don’t go all the way in one direction. You lose variety. But it’d be interesting to see how it’d work.

This is antithetical to the concept of the game. The point is you have choice over where you start. But it’s limited or challenged by the random flight path. Having random spawn points isn’t that much different than other shooty games online. It’s more or less Battefield at that point (yes I realize you spawn on squads in Battlefield so there is still some choice).


The new update today feels like it’s the true full release of the game. It’s all way more complete, with the missions and the way better UI.

This is the best time to jump in!


Hooray! I just jumped in.


Might be time to take the game for serious? Ugh. So many responsibilities already.


Servers are down. Great time to start playing this game.


Holy shit is it the time to start playing. They really did something great with this last patch, everything is better. If you’re interested at all now is the time.


Ok, the servers are back up and I played one game. I landed near a tiny house, and it didn’t have much. Just weapon mods. I go to the next tiny house. I get a pistol and assault rifle and a police vest and a backpack and some ammo. Also first aid and bandages. That’s enough. I camp in the house.

The circle appears and I’m in it.

The circle appears again, and I’m still in it.

I just keep camping and I’m still in the circle. I don’t move, I don’t make noise, I don’t do anything. I just snipe out the window and wait nervously. There are 20ish people left.

Finally I hear someone come in the house. I don’t move. I’m upstairs. I want them to leave or come up the stairs and get shot. I don’t believe they know I’m there. How could they?

He throws a grenade up the stairs. It’s a smoke grenade. I don’t move. It goes off. Then nothing happens.

Then he throws another grenade. It is right next to me. I don’t believe someone could possible know I’m there. I didn’t see anyone out the windows. I didn’t make any noise. Even if it is a frag grenade, it won’t kill me. I have full health. I can just get hurt, use my med kits and they will leave. Either that, or they will think the coast is clear to come up the stairs and I can shoot them.

The grenade kils me. WTF. How did they know I was there? How did they bank a grenade up the stairs so that it landed right next to me without me even being able to see them?