Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


The thing is, I could swear that I’ve seen that Diorama on top of a console concept done before, with other games, and even with actual dioramas.


Over 1 million cheaters have been banned due to a recent patch.


Now if they can put a ping lock in we’ll be golden.


You will be, but it’ll pretty much kill the game for me. More than likely, It’ll mean no Australian/NA crossplay. And it’ll cut out some of the core group of Anteater - I’ll be gone, Eoghan will be gone, Apsup will be out, that’s almost half. It breaks the triangle.


Me playing this morning:


I thought the exact same thing in the other thread… I have done this more times than I care to admit.

In other news, the ping lock and the most recent patch improving the netcode so firefights don’t cause lag/framerate drop have done wonders and my score/killcounts have improved drastically.



I can’t wait to blast Fortunate Son over my mike flying over the jungle island.



I bought it since it was on sale finally, and I am AWFUL at this game.

I played 10+ matches. I killed exactly one person. We started in the same spot and had a fist-fight. They then ran to grab a gun, and while they were faffing about loading it, I punched them to death.

I sometimes had relatively good finishes. I did that by staying far away from the action and hiding.

In a handful of matches I tried to land somewhere and then someone else appeared out of nowhere, somehow passed me while parachuting, and by the time I was on the ground, they had a gun and shot me.

In a few matches I was just walking around collecting shit minding my own business. Then suddenly I’m taking fire. I have no idea where it’s coming from. I try to run, get cover, get my bearings, and then I die before I can do anything.

The rest of the time I somehow managed to actually have some kind of shooting match with someone, but ended up on the losing side every time.

The only complaint I can make about the game is that the inventory is too fiddly. I can’t be messing around with some Diablo/X-COM style inventory shit when the game doesn’t pause and someone can kill me when I have the menu open. If you have a multiplayer fps, the inventory should be no more complex than Counter-Strike.

I was also going to complain about not knowing how to use a scope. The game does not have any kind of tutorial, and there is no binding for it in the settings menu. I googled and apparently you double-click the right button. I’ll forgive them because that is actually nice.

One other positive thing I can say is that even with my experience so far, of dying any time I meet another human, there is still lots of excitement and drama all by yourself. The best match I had was the map that has a secondary medium sized island connected to the main island with two bridges. I started on the outer edge of the smaller island. As remote as can be.

The circle appeared and was very far away. I started hoofing it. Eventually I find a car! Hooray! I start driving as fast as I can for one of the bridges. Then the car flips over. I didn’t know that could happen. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. So I just start running again. There’s no way to get to the bridge. I start swimming. It’s slower, but it’s a much shorter distance, and there is less chance of being murdered on the way. As I’m just about to reach the shore, the barrier comes in. I got damaged by it a little bit, but just barely survived and made it to the other side. Soon after I was ingloriously murdered by someone I don’t even remember.

Clearly I need to learn the strats.


The scope button should be a single right click by default puts you in iron sights and holding right click is aiming in third person for close range.

As for parachuting, it takes some practice but the basic idea is the more you are pointing down the faster you go. That’s both during freefall and after your chute opens. The other trick is that if you are pointing straight down at the end of your freefall you will go a bit farther and faster before your parachute opens. That’s how folks are beating you to the ground.

The inventory is a bit fiddly until you get used to it and know the weapons and attachments by sight and can just right click everything where you want it really fast. On the same token you will learn what to pick up or not pick up for your loadout so you don’t have a cluttered inventory and only carry the essentials. The thing is that its NOT Counterstrike, its a slow, methodical tactical game. The less you think of it like CS the better in my opinion.

If a car is on its side you can pop the front tire that’s in the air and the car will right itself. This might get fixed eventually because its basically a physics bug but it works for now. If its upside down you are boned.

Basically, its a hard game and you will die a lot. Even after almost 800 hours I still end up on the losing side of firefights most of the time. But just by playing you’ll start to learn to spot enemies, figure out the general direction that fire is coming from by sound, and all the other little fiddly things in the game. Like that hiding in grass only works if your opponents are withing 100m because the grass doesn’t render past that. Someone past 100m will just see you lying out in the open.


I never would have known that or been mad about it if you hadn’t said anything. Now that I do know it, I must send the devs to hell for this grave error.


TBH I think the inventory choice was very intentional. It takes your attention away from surviving, the idea is to mess with it as little as possible or make choices about things very quickly. The actual controlling of it is a bit of a pain but it’s better than it used to be for sure.


It is intentional, but not for the reason you think. IIRC, Back at launch, grass rendered out to whatever distance you set foliage rendering at, provided it didn’t go further than your draw distance. So naturally, people turned their draw distance to ultra, and their foliage to the lowest possible setting, which gave them an advantage over people who didn’t - since basically, it enabled one player to hide in the grass at range, while the other player couldn’t. So they just locked it at 100m for everybody, since it was the best balance point between performance and fair play they found.


I imagine there were programming reasons, but it’s funny they did that instead of not rendering people past a certain distance.


Well, the hazard there is that there are weapons that can reach out and touch someone from very long range. That said, I can easily see them trying to just get rid of the unfair advantage ASAP, and letting the rest get shaken out later.


I like the inventory system. It really gives you a lot of stress, in a good way, and makes moments when not fighting way more interesting. It’s super satisfying to keep it all clean, and gamble on only picking up things you hope to use later.

Playing in a duo or squad is way fun too, as you are looting and fighting with others.

A new map is released tomorrow, so if you get in that early you’ll not be quite so much on a geography disadvantage. It’s a way quicker maps too, with lots more powerful weapons available right from the start.

If you want to play some rounds with a guide, I’ll help you out!


Inventory management is one area where I fall down. When I played a lot, it was back when they had an issue where opening your inventory could cause temporary freezing on some machines(Partially because of how they handled inventory locally, partially because it was doing some server gubbins when you did), it would just lock solid for 30 seconds to a minute and a half(on one occasion, a full two minutes, long enough to have the circle cross me and kill me), so I basically just learned to play without ever opening my inventory unless I really had to, or I was SUPER sure I was safe.


It’s come a looooong way since then. I played some last night after being too busy to play the last two weeks and the last few patches have really improved how everything runs. The framerate is buttery smooth and it feels like they improved the netcode a lot.


I know, It wasn’t THAT long ago that I last played(It was a few weeks after desert map release that I really fell off), that was just when I played a lot, and picked up most of my bad habits. And a few good ones, like keeping track of items and ammo without looking. I should get back into practice.