Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


If you are not perfectly still, even turning around in place more than a few degrees makes a small amount of noise a good player can use to figure out your approximate location from outside the house. You can press and hold ALT to have a free look camera while staying still. Learn to use those things well they will save your life from someone ambushing you when you approach or enter a house or while running through the open. The frag may have been a lucky toss on a shaky guess of your location. Wild stuff like that happens ALL THE TIME in PUBG, there are entire Youtube channels dedicated to nothing but crazy luck shots and bloopers. On the other hand, while is is infinitely better than it was, there is still some cheating going around but their cheat detection has gotten much better and the bans come fast and hard, especially if you report something suspicious.


Plus, at that stage of the game, grenades are pretty disposible. You have as many as you likely need, and if you muff one throw, you have more, if you get a kill, you can likely replace what you used from your opponent’s bespoke, artisinally-crafted loot crate. After all, can’t use your grenades if you’re just grist for someone else’s chicken dinner.


You are describing exactly what I love about this game.

50% of the time it makes me feel like a genius for guessing other players’ actions and positions, and getting one up on them or avoiding them in a way that obviously freaks them out or seems magical.

50% of the time it makes me feel like an idiot for dying or almost dying in a situation where I was almost complete sure I had everything under control and I was safe, but somehow the enemy does something lucky or clever or magical and catches me out.

It seems you’ve only gotten the second half so far. Play a few more hours and you’ll get a feel for the hiding places and routes through the map, and you too can just chuck grenades into buildings at the mere hint of a sound or the smallest suspicion.

To be honest, if there are 20 people left, and I’m entering a house, I always assume someone is in there. By that time I’ll have grenades to spare, so why not chuck some in. Especially if people already know where I am, so I’m not trying to be quiet.


Not sure why you think that. A well placed grenade is insta-death.



Another thing I just remembered because I got killed for it. Whenever you are in a firefight in the open, always lean to the side while shooting. At the moment there is no limb penetration and arms and legs take less damage than your torso. When you lean your arms go in front of a fair portion of your torso and protect it so you take less damage if your opponent is aiming center mass.This is going to be nerfed with the addition of penetration damage in the future but for now it helps.


Scott and I are on the train. We’re going to stream regularly.

This game is real fun, even when one is real bad at it.

First attempt at a dual stream:


Rym’s urge to move around a bit is not bad, camping is not a bad strategy but you should also look for better equipment. And the tip @Rym mentioned of jumping into popular areas and just learning to run and shoot is a good one, even if its annoying to have to re-queue every time. Basically, learn to shoot, then when you can shoot well, hide and sneak until you have to shoot.


Rym you should really put on some clothes, if for nothing else that like real life, bare skin and white underwear makes you stick out more.


It was a fun stream, if only to see you flounder and die due to things like not wearing helmets and proning in plain sight.

Scott’s previous post about “how did he kill me?” has been answered comprehensively. You think you are playing one game, but all the opponents still alive are just at another level, maybe four or five levels above, and are at the time playing a completely different game.

It was amusing to predict exactly when you were about to die three or four times, in the mid-to-late-game. “Dead in 3, 2, 1…” and as I hit enter, gunfire. “You will die in that warehouse” and as I hit enter, gunfire. What was surprising to you was utterly obvious to me, and I guess that just comes from knowing the map, the timing of the circles, that everyone will have 20 times better equipment than you by then… and all that’s got nothing to do with FPS head clicking skills.


Gotta Practice those vital skills:


I started somewhere near the edge of the map, and the circle ended up being as far away as possible. One dirtbag rolls up in a dune buggy. I take a few pot shots, and he jumps out and starts stalking me. I sneak away, steal the dune buggy, and just leave him there.

Pretty sure he didn’t make it to the circle. I barely made it full-throttle


Shift to boost.



You can watch the death cam if the kill feels sketchy. Sometimes you’ll realize you were less hidden than you thought (and use that to improve your ability to hide effectively), and every once in a while you’ll catch someone blatantly staring at walls as if looking through them and you can report those accounts for possible cheating.


Or shooting into mountain ranges 10 km away.


Interestingly, the longest range legitimate kill in battlegrounds was 6.7km, from Stalber, to the south-west most corner of the map. Apparently, just a quirk of random chance, rather than cheating, but talk about a hell of a lucky shot.


Yeah that could only have happened by a stray bullet arcing just so to hit someone by one in a million chance because the maximum draw distance for players is 1000m.


Yep, and considering the ballistic arc it would have to take, and the length of ground you need with no too-tall objects in the way, Stab city is basically the only place that you could take it from.


Does this game have wallbanging à la CS?


Yes and no. As it stands right now, there’s full penetration on destructible objects(so, if you shoot a door, and it breaks, a person on the other side gets the full hit, iirc - also, don’t stand directly in front of doors), and zero penetration on most others. They did intend to add a limb penetration system in march or so(to prevent the tip listed above to use your limbs to block your body), but it got pushed back for unknown reasons.


You can block bullets with a frying pan.