Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


One game of amazing luck followed by several of lousy luck. I got the AWM and 8x scope from a care package and didn’t even get shot at. Got four nice clean kills and came in seventh. The next game I got killed by a physics glitch causing the motorcycle I was on to get stuck doing a wheelie, which the game gracefully failed out of by making me dismount the bike… right in front of a guy in a bush. Then the grenade arc indicator lied to me and I threw a grenade next to a building instead of through the window causing a firefight which I lost. Then the cat knocked something down in the middle of another firefight which made me look away for a split second and get shot.


Match 111, rank 2, 1 kill. Was super sneaky at the end, but had a ghilli suit, so it felt right. I know how I could have won pretty easily, but fucked it up by being impatient at the final final circle. Lesson learned!


The problems with recent upsurge in Chinese players and the associated upsurge in rampant unrepentant cheating may solve itself.


Yup yup first chicken dinner. This afternoon was a storming session, mainly due to finally getting my keybindings dialled in so as not to keep hitting the windows key by accident, and fixed up the video settings to stop some other issues.

Two games before I played what, up until then, was my combined best kill-count and rank, with 5 kills on the way to second place. It was a fog match that ended in some buildings, and in the final final final circle there were four of us still alive. We all had to run into a single yard to avoid the blue coming in at the very end, so it felt more random than ever that I didn’t win it and just came second.

Then game 166, another fog match, Drove across the entire map for a real fog battle, so made sure to come in from the emptier side of the island. Had my handy suppressed SMG for the final circles. Decided to only kill people running in from behind, and there was only one due to me picking the angle right. Down to final final circle with three of us, helped kill one guy, and the other guy finishing him off showed let me know which direction he was in. Made sure to push up the hill so I could look down. Spotted the guy. He never saw me.

Also, this was the first match I ever decided to record. Looking back at the video I now see how much I still missed in the fog. Someone once almost killed me, only saved by my trusty pan, and in the video I spot the muzzle flash. At the time? I was just diving for cover. And with the very last kill, on the video I see him crawling in the grass way before I spotted him when playing the game.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a peak experience when playing a video game before, not that I remember. Of course, if it had only taken 20 attempts, not 166, it wouldn’t be even remotely so sweet. It took more hours than I’ve put into a single computer game since maybe Goldeneye 64, but it was worth every minute.


An almost three week gap since my chicken dinner, and I played my first games since with no practice in between. Duo matches with Manuel, and we’ve lost ALL our teamwork skills. I’m out of practice, and he’s been playing by himself, and now we are running around like complete idiots. We had something like six games and had like three kills between us in all of them. It was pretty incredible seeing how out of synch we were with each other.


I also guess I’m the only person posting here.


Honestly, I’ve just been out of sync with my usual squad, and a little busy.


My squad and I play a few times during the week usually, but we aren’t accomplishing anything really new. Lots of top 20’s, a few top 10’s, still no victories any closer than we’ve gotten before. And I don’t do a lot of solo.


I’ve mostly been playing solo, making it to the Top 20 consistently, making the Top 10 most of the time, not winning it all though. My early game and mid game are strong. My end game is weak.

After playing with a good group and being able to communicate it’s just to hard to play with unknowns who either don’t have mics or only can’t communicate.


I think this is true for most people. It’s hard to practice the end game. Of all the time you spend playing, Most if it is spend in early and mid game. You’ve probably only played end game for a matter of minutes in total, while practicing the other parts for hours.


Yeah. We have tons of practice looting, avoiding danger in the early game, picking a good drop spot, etc.

We don’t have much practice hiding in a field and actually getting shots off without getting shot ourselves.


Weirdly, the only thing I haven’t had to practice or had any trouble getting my head around is long distance shooting. I’m barely passable at the midrange, I’m almost useless at short range - and even then only almost because spray-and-pray or panicfire sometimes work…sometimes on teammates - but at long range, I’m golden. I don’t know why, for some reason it just clicks in my head. Sadly, few people are kind enough to run further away so I can shoot them better.


My aim overall is worse than it really ought to be. Mostly I just always wind up hunkering in the wrong position and not being able to get a shot. Last game I was in we were doing okay, but the guy I needed to shoot was unreachable prone, so I had to move up into crouch position to get him and then I was boned.


I’m still having a grand time. Thankfully when I botch a landing or get murdered right away even though I just shotgunned a guy three times in the face it’s ok! New game starts right away.


I guess the difference is that Manuel and I don’t play to get far into the game, we are constantly practicing to win. We aren’t very good at shooting, so we have to get the teamwork and the tactics right. Thankfully I’m really good at the tactical side of things, and know exactly where to be going in each situation, and where other teams will be comin from.

So we practice storming buildings. We don’t loot separately at the start, we just sweep through buildings, clearing them room by room, even though we are 99% certain they are empty. We practice rocking up to a point in the map in a vehicle, jumping out and firing at targets. All that kind of stuff.

The reason I think we won so easily this time is that in the first game today Manuel said “let’s take turns being in charge, making all thre decisions, and calling the shots”. So we did, and in the second attempt, we got the win. I really think it was that discipline that locked it in for us in the end. In situations we would normally be like “let’s go get that air drop” we kept it together. We didn’t get distracted at picking fights with enemies at long distance. All the things we do when we are only on the same squad, not a real team.


I am so much the opposite. The only thing I can do is hold an AR steady for mid-close kills. If I get to a care package and there is a sniper rifle, I leave it and just take any helmet or amor or ghilli suit. I always take the ammo for the sniper rifle though :slight_smile:


Hah! nice move. I don’t leave powerful scopes behind either, even if I’m not planning on using them.


That’s part of the anteater way, too! Can’t or don’t want to use something from a crate, or find a particularly good drop in a house? Just take it or make it useless by taking the ammo, and dump it off in a field somewhere that nobody will find it. One less thing for them to shoot you with! Vindictiveness = Victory.


Has anyone ever tried surviving till the blue wall reached the very center of the map?


Not personally, but we(anteater) do know what happens with the final circle - It stops at 40 meters wide, then after a few minutes, it gives a 15-20 second countdown, and then rapidly shrinks to nothing, killing everybody.