Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


This is how I came second in one match where the final circle was among some buildings. Nobody wanted to push in. I killed five players that game, and then died as the blue circle went to nothing.


As far as practicing for the final circle, I found I have started doing better after I started parachuting into spicy drop zones like Pochinki and the Army Base and such and playing more aggressively. Even though I often get killed quickly this has taught me to listen, spot and shoot better at the close ranges that are also present in the final circle. It has also made my overall skill at the game better.

Also, my gripe of the day:
They need to make some kind of adjustment to the reload for the S686. There is maybe a half second delay from when the barrel snaps shut and when the game registers the gun as actually loaded. Fairly often I find myself pulling the trigger and the gun is empty even though I just reloaded because I opened a door or picked up some loot in that half second because I thought it was through the animation. In real life this kind of shotgun is ready to go the second you shut the action, it cocks automatically when it closes. Even if you didn’t know that, the audio and visual cues of the animation I believe would make you think its ready when its not. (Those not familiar with guns please confirm/refute?) I think the reload time is fine from a gameplay and balance perspective but maybe they should make the animation slower so that when the gun shuts it is in fact loaded and ready.


I had an epiphany, or rather, was enlightened by a good friend. For some reason, I had been under the impression that high mouse sensitivity was better for shooters. Maybe this was a thing a decade ago or a habit borne of small mouse pads and cramped desks, but I always have set my mouse sensitivity quite high and moved mostly with my wrist. I resisted changing hardware settings because I also had the “it is a shoddy workman who blames his tools” mentality. A friend convinced me to try lowering my mouse DPI and practice using bigger movements from the elbow and shoulder rather than the wrist. It has made a world of difference in my mid to long range shooting. An evening of practice and I am making long range shots I had only dreamed of before, like hitting a guy in a bobbing boat from another boat.


I did the same thing. I’m pretty sure turn your sensitivity all the way up was advice on Geeknights at one point, IIRC. Can someone confirm?


It depends on the game, and also what you’re doing in the game.

In Overwatch, I use twitchy high sensitivity for some characters, low sensitivity for others, and sometimes I switch sensitivity within one character depending on context.

I’ve always used high sensitivities in general. For non-gaming, I like to have my mouse set at a ridiculously high sensitivity.


That tends to come up in any “pro” advice for shooters. Saw it mentioned many times, when I tried to improve in Counter-Strike. Thing is, if one is used to high sensitivity in other every day use, adjusting to low one and large arm movements is quite a bit of work and I was never able to put in the effort.

I tend to just find the sensitivity that feels good for me and accept that I’m optimizing for now instead of for the future.


I need to get a proper desk before I can practice low sensitivity. Right now I have my mousepad turned sideways just so it’ll fit.


Best group game tonight I got to top 6. It was a fog map and I had a largely useless silenced SKS with an 8x scope. Got no kills. Whoops.


I did the same thing for a bit, tried lowering it and didn’t like it and switched back right away until my friend convinced me to really try it. I also have a basic but nice gaming mouse which has on the fly adjustable DPI so I can easily turn it back up to my comfortable non-gaming setting. Logitech G502 by the way, if anyone wants a nice adjustable mouse with a few extra buttons that won’t break the bank.

I also realized something else about changing the DPI while playing PUBG, which is that it feels much better on my wrist than high DPI. That movement from the arm rather than the wrist takes a lot of strain off for me.


I don’t mind threads where one person monopolizes. Even if nobody else is posting, sometimes I like to see what’s going on with that topic. I guess that’s what the like button is for.

I would never hear a single KPop song if Scott didn’t single-handedly keep “Only Scott Cares, AKA Not As Good As Metal” going. I’ve also been guilty of owning a thread or two myself. It’s easy to ignore a thread if you don’t care about that one.


Also, this forum has way more lurkers than you realize. It’s open to the public after all. There are likely lots of people out there following some of these threads.


Speaking of which I’m gonna spread my KPop thread over here.

On of my favs - Hong Jin-young

Recenty opened a Twitch channel is and playing PUBG every day.

I’m not sure, but I think she is teaming up with members of her fan club.



Picked this up on xbox. Played a few hours so far and i am really enjoying it. It fun running solo or with a squad. It’s definitely deserving of the preview title with frame rate and texture issues. Hoping things will improve shortly. Anyone else playing on xbox?


I’m doubting framerate will improve much on XBone, maybe XBoneX but even hot gaming rigs can have issues.


I was considering getting on xbox since one of my friends keeps pestering me to get a multi game on xbox despite the fact I have almost no desire to play xbox. But I held off since it sounds… like it’s got some problems. And it’s apparently way behind the PC version.


The PC version is only getting its 1.0 release on December 22nd, I think. Lots of good updates and fixes there. I can’t imagine the Xbox version is less than 6 months behind.


I stand corrected. Someone remarked on a podcast about it missing quite a bit but in reality it’s not. It is missing some things; a few weather effects aren’t available, no in-game ability to remap buttons, etc. But not being able to consistently hit 30fps is a tad troubling. I’ve heard anecdotally of it struggling to hit 10fps when aiming down sights in some scenarios.


I now have one win each in solo third person, duo third person with my regular playmate Manuel (the guy in the video above, I’m visiting him in Peru), and third person squad with the new (semi-regular) team of us and Jesse and Steen, some friends from Canada.

In the above game I was the weakest link in terms of shooting people, but the commander overall, and we’re all getting better at being a team now. It would mean more if I was alive at the end, but getting the team to a 1-v-1 ending was as much as I could do this time.

I think it’ll be fun to see if I can get first person wins as a solo, duo and squad now. And then, of course, the same in the new map when it comes out.