Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


Yeah, I think I need to get better at the shooting by stepping out of my comfort zone. I think I’ve gotten good at hiding and camping, but I’m not good at shooting folks.


Alright, let’s all group up and play some :hot_pepper: spicy​:hot_pepper: games. We probably all need the shooting practice.


I’m there with you the shooting is my weak point.


I kinda disagree, I hate too-spicy drops - Dying basically instantly because of nothing more than luck is kind of irritating. I prefer to go to medium spice drops - A good Korai or Jalfrezi, rather than a serious Vindaloo. Being shot down unarmed and alone doesn’t make you better, being able to get in a fight with at least a gun makes you better. Trust me, I don’t need to practice dying, I’m quite well practiced as it is.

Also, Anteater tales from Yesterday:

First Duo win for anteater, Zergy and myself. We dropped quiet, intending to get a vehicle and roll out to places uninhabited, some folk drop with us. I grab a pistol from a shack, zergy gets punched down, and I burn down his assailant, get him up, We sweep, grab some guns, and move on to the next place to loot more and heal up.

We end up in another complex down the road, and I see a firefight behind us - I let one team kill their guys without incident, and then start putting fire over the hill with an AK, put them both down. We rob their gear, rob their UAZ, take off for a nearby crate.
We arrive, Zergy grabs everything(Ghillie, M24, scope, some other assorted gear), JUST as three other teams show up and start shooting us from different directions, so zergy lobs three smokes, and we take off, UAZ on fire, we get it over the hill and abandon it. We run on toward the circle, we’re getting pretty low on opponents - I drop one, but his mate gets me, his mate dies outside the circle.

Zergy sneaks in to the circle, and it becomes a game of cat and mouse, until it gets to the smallest circle - he spots one of the remaining team, burns them down, as his mate lobs a smoke for cover. Zergy lies in the smoke, we’re there, pucker factor 500 as we’re desperately trying to find the last guy. I mention offhandedly “Huh, was that movement in the bush?” Zerg doesn’t even hesitate, just empties a mag right into the bush, walking fire left to right, gets the kill, wins the game.


Maybe it’s cause I play solo, so if I die by luck I instantly re-queue and I get more good play per hour.


That’s fair. I know I’m certainly braver - or, realistically, more foolishly aggressive, considering my skill - when I’m playing solo, and I know I’m not making other people wait around, or risking being stuck waiting around for the next 20 minutes.


Sometimes PUBG’s hit/damage calculations baffle me. I hit a guy who looked like he had level 2 armor on with at least two and I’m pretty sure four shots with the Kar98 and he didn’t go down.


Why are they working on vaulting and shit when the punching is still one of the shittiest mechanics in any game ever? Why do punches headshot? THAT’S NOT HOW PUNCHING WORKS!


I got a car in a fog match. I got a perfect final circle. Guess who ran out of bullets in when two players ran in from two different directions? I’m such an idiot.


I mean, punching someone in the face is gonna do a lot more harm than in the chest or arm, but I agree the one hit KO is pretty ridiculous.


Today I landed on a roof, grabbed a gun, and was loading it as another player landed on the roof next to me and one-shotted me with a seemingly non-headshot punch.

Punches suck.


I kinda think that punching and possibly melee generally should just be removed. There are enough guns around that you can generally have at least a pistol in the first thirty seconds of a round. I don’t chase people with my fists on the ground anymore it is far more productive to run for a different house and grab a gun.


I have had some successful “punch the guy that drops near me” route, and I don’t think they should be removed, but I do think that punching is absurd in terms of how it works right now.


Yeah, to your hand maybe.


Actually you hit on something there. What if punching someone did damage to yourself? Might not be a good mechanic for PUBG but another kind of game maybe.


IMO punches should be more powerful, maybe a bit slower to maintain balance, and the hit detection obviously needs massive improvements. No jump punches, no target-dependent damage. I think four punches for a kill would work well. That way it’s obviously inferior to basically any loaded gun (maybe it beats a Kar) but you can’t just lazily reload an assault rifle while someone pummels the shit out of you.


3rd again. I’m really not good at timing my movement into or in the final circle. I either move to early and give myself away. Or I move too late and die outside the circle. Or someone else moves in close and I open fire too early, giving myself away and dying right after my kill.

However, I’ve got a regular duo partner now, a friend from Peru, and it’s amazing how quickly we are improving. We’ve got to third place team a few times but are still working on the end game. The real joy is getting super good at sweeping buildings, getting up close and personal with shotguns early game, and taking out separated team members. The lessons we are learning of all the stupid ways to die a mounting up.


I got into 2nd during a solo. Guy was throwing grenades while I was prone but I saw him near a tree. I couldn’t aim at him down there so I stood up to shoot him with my auto weapon. He ran behind the tree, and I waited for him to come out but screwed up by not going into iron-sights and shooting in third-person when he came out, so he killed me. If I had gone into iron sights I may have been able to actually aim my shots.


Nothing is more satisfying than landing on the wrong side of the map from the first circle with no meds, having to run and run and run… then someone drives past on a motorbike, you take them down, find they have loads of medical packs and first aid kits and energy drinks and better weapons… and riding into the zone super late but full health and ready to go!


I REALLY wish they would pick a grenade mechanic and stick with it. What the hell is with having to manually cook off now?