Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


NYC evening or Europe evening?


Like now. Europe evening.


I just got home, I need a bit more time.


If I didn’t panic-shoot so much, I’d land more finishing hits. XD

GG guys


Played a bunch tonight. Some games were really bad, but the very last game of the night was great. We lost one team member, but the three of us managed to stick together for a long time and keep moving. We went down a few times, but we revived each other and killed the enemies. Before I knew it, the circle was frighteningly small.

One teammate went down and then my other teammate killed someone. I went for the revive, but then someone prone in the grass finished healing themselves and killed our entire team.Third place tho.


I love the war mode’s mixup of the game but they seriously need to implement regional servers for it. I played half a dozen games and every time I was the only English speaking person on the team and everyone else spoke Chinese. I’m not like the people who complain just because of there being Chinese players but on a team game I’d really like to be able to understand and be understood by my team mates.


Ah, fun new twist in the third person North America servers. Resurgence of Chinese players except half of them are playing repeating messages in Chinese over the public chat that are apparently advertisements for Chinese cheat websites.


Currently streaming



So the PUBG Test Server has added the ability to create custom matches. I am so psyched about this, even if it becomes a premium feature in the future because I have always wanted to mess with rules, like proper eight man squads and less pressured circles and the like.


I like a bigger squad because that means my suckiness will drag everyone down less.

I don’t like it because presumably there are still 96 players for 12 teams, and that’s not a lot of teams.

Also, I worry you have to increase the loot, or some people on your team will be swinging pans, or actually taking the crossbow.


You can customize all of that, depending on the game type. You can mess with how many teams, how many people on a team, weapon spawn rates and types, almost everything. You can even make it so the circle doesn’t move or instant kills you instead of damage over time. Make it pistols only or spawn nothing but M249 machine guns, whatever floats your boat.


Game designers foisting their job on the players yet again.

I do love the idea of shotgun, pistol, crossbow, melee only. But will such a custom game get 90+ players in it?


I think that will be the ultimate question, and speaking from personal experience all the way back to the days of Tribes 1, the more interesting settings like your short range idea will be ghost towns and the gonzo stuff where everyone has AWMs and M249s will be full.

Messing around more you can’t make airdrop-only gear spawn like normal gear at least for now, so no AWM/M249 only matches. However, you can make an airdrop come five times as often.


Scott wanted one more thing beyond air drops, weather changes, and red zones. I have an idea.


A convoy of trucks, filled with loot and driven by lightly armed AIs, drive down a road across the map. If you stop it somehow, you can get the loot.

Or jump into the back of one of the trucks and ride it.


I don’t like an AI. What if it was… a TRAIN.



Big freight train just chugging along. Gun turret on one of the cars. Boxcars with loot. Flatbeds with nothin’. Caboose.

Or… a subway connecting some of the cities on a map.

I really want a subway.


Fuckin’ New Yorkers, man.


Keep it simple. There are some tracks. Occasionally, maybe at most 3, sometimes even 0, times per game a train comes through. Maybe it stops at a station, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it goes fast. maybe it goes slow. maybe it’s big. Maybe it’s small.

It’s always a self-driving train. If you manage to get on it, maybe it has loot, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you can stop it if you get into the engine, maybe you can’t. Maybe you are stuck on it and it drives your ass right out of the circle. Maybe you are taken off the map and instantly die. Maybe you are driving and it hits your car. Maybe it gets derailed.


This might be a really good gimmick for squad matches. Your team has to derail the train to dump a cargo of red airdrop containers, but it’s like three or four of them, enough to outfit your whole squad with armor and guns, but everyone else is gunning for it and you. It would be like a regular airdrop shitshow by a factor of ten.