Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


Aren’t all chats in the game muted by default? I haven’t even seen any evidence that any voice or text chat exists in the game at all. Granted, I haven’t looked for it. I don’t need to hear what these other players have to say.


That’s not a surprise. It plays just differently enough to most other FPS that unless you’ve played a bunch of ARMA, those skills aren’t going to translate as well as it would seem.


What’s funny is that they do in very limited contexts.

E.g., if I storm a small building, I sweep my corners, pie-slice into the rooms and methodically clear them. Skills I gained from years of FPSs. Same with target prioritization in a firefight.


Weirdly, back in college, I roomed with a EE who played nothing but ARMA II. Just the regular game. He tried to get me into it but I couldn’t get into the insane amount of keybindings and such. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but I’d bet he’s in heaven now with all the games that now basically came from ARMA that his skills seamlessly transfer to.


Reinstalled Pubg because of this thread being on fire again, and noticed that it had decided to crash on startup on me. Looking up the issue there seemed to be endless array of solutions and fixes and I tried bunch of the reasonable ones with little luck, until just as I was giving up, one solution bore fruit and I can play again.

Tried my first game in ages and died an usual miserable lonely death. I tried to be clever with a flashbang, other player just calmly turned away and turned back to wait for me.


How many of our deaths, do you think, can be attributed to “Tried to do something clever”?


Two of my kills were “running straight at someone firing wildly.”

Many of my deaths were “I’ll circle around back and sneak up on him.”


It wasn’t originally like that, it used to default to unmuted and open mic upon install. I didn’t realize they had changed that since I leave it muted most of the time.


In the interest of future google results and my own curiosity what was wrong and what worked?


Oh right, I didn’t go in detail, because as I said there were numerous different solutions and I’m sure they all worked for someone.
For me solution provided in this thread of game’s steam forums worked:
Deleted some, apparently, old map files and verified game files for like seventh time and magic happened.


The one time I was on voice chat with random players in PUBG, it was my normal crew of three with a random fourth. He harassed me and mocked my voice, and was an idiot cowboy (running off on his own at a crucial moment). So we never did that again.

I tried to play the new map, but upon reinstalling the game, it crashed at launch every time.


See post above, if that helps in your case too.


I did it a few times, but I didn’t use voice chat, and one time I remember two dudes talking in English insulting each other. Then they talked for a bit, realized they were both Chinese players, and suddenly seemed to be friends talking in Chinese. They would occasionally check in to see if I turned my mic on (which I never did).



I’m at the point where I am landing 12-15 damage on opponents but still dying first. I’m gonna bail on the long journey to get better, but I’m gonna keep it installed in case squad play breaks out, as I haven’t tried that yet.


I’ve killed a lot more people.


I’m currently in the top 1% of players on the North American servers. Holy shit.


Please team up with me.


We can totally team up sometime. My steam ID is cyberfreak97.


PUBG with me this evening.