PAX Unplugged 2017: Tabletop PAX


I know that but willing to hope someone in need first.


Nobody is in need because it isn’t sold out.


Saturday is now sold out =P

Unrelatedly, I’m debating if I should stick around for the Enforcer party. I’ve skipped them at East for a while, so this one might be interesting to see since it’s a new PAX. There’s also an Amtrak at 9:30 right after it, so I’d still be home at a reasonable hour.


I could just head home Monday morning…


Tourist time: What’s the correct cheesesteak place to hit?


Not Pat’s or Geno’s


I’m not an expert on Philadelphia proper since I live out in the suburbs… but I guarantee you don’t need to go to Pat’s or Geno’s. If you do, at least Geno’s new ownership isn’t openly shitty.

Basically, it doesn’t have to be gourmet (but it’s fine if it is), it’s junk food. I’m happy with sauteed onions, mushrooms, cheese whiz, provolone, beef, chicken, whatever.

My favorite spot near me does cheese whiz + steak + crumbled bacon. Also good: provolone + steak on motherfucking garlic bread.

But yeah, any place that will give you takeout wrapped in foil is probably fine. Or if you find some place that does really nice sandwiches that’s fine in a different way.


Turns out the Liberty Bell is next to Independence Hall and walkable from the convention center. Any other nearby touristy stuff worth doing? Those were the only things on my Must Do list. I have most of Thursday to wander around. Hopefully the weather won’t be miserable.


We will be there.


Constitution Center is pretty good place to go, if you have kids or into science Franklin Institute is also pretty boss. Art Museum is free on Sundays if you want a PAX escape plan.


The Liberty Bell is in a little building, but if you walk around it, you can see the bell fairly up close, through a window, rather than waiting in ridiculous tourist line to see it w/o glass.


Just walking around Old city and seeing all the Historical buildings is really cool.


The convention center is right next to Chinatown, but there a good mix of Asian cuisine there.So you can get some decent Ramen bowls if you’re into that.


So I recently realized that when I ordered badges, I put my office as the mailing address (probably because it was right in the middle of the theft spree going on in our neighborhood). Having moved teams and buildings and the confusion that caused, my desk location has changed 4 times in the last couple months. As such, I have no idea if they have been delivered, and if so, where the heck they are. Hopefully I can get this all resolved today and make it clear where my mailbox is supposed to be.


Free badges* and SU&SD schedule.



I’ll admit it, I’m SUPER jealous of that rich purple they use for Unplugged. Our gold-ish yellow is nice, but goddamn that purple is so gooooood.


If the ass-band purple on the hoodie is really that dark, I’ll get one.


I might get that pint glass. It’s got PA on it and I have a certain attachment after living here my whole life.


Curious to see if there are any unique shirt designs popping out, but otherwise this is me being seriously underwhelmed by the merch.


I’ve already got two of them, but damn… I love purple and that combo is nice.