PAX Unplugged 2017: Tabletop PAX

So… did Ars Technica drop the ball and release the news of a new PAX to early?

He and Holkins repeatedly mention “PAX culture” as a guiding principle—as in, creating a relatively open playground of floor space, free games, new-game previews, and game-friendly events. Holkins says the live-music concerts at traditional PAX events may not fit, but he already has an idea for a replacement.

“I see us taking a cue from community there: what does a theater get used for in the evening?” Holkins says. “Right now, streamed RP [role-playing] is blowing up. The theater experience we offer at a PAX Unplugged will take cues from that community, as far as what they want to watch.” Holkins didn’t confirm whether PAX’s popular Acquisitions, Inc. series of live, on-stage Dungeons and Dragons sessions would be part of that.

So, Acquisitions Inc replacing concerts, could be interesting.

Well, I know where I’m going.

Holy crud I can take the train in to a PAX AND sleep in my own bed, win!

GG being the same weekend as both NYC Anime and BGGCON…

Pretty much this,

I might actually go to a PAX again Yay!

The non-cached Ars Technica article is up, as is the official Unplugged site with open hotel room reservations.

I won’t even have to get a room soooo great :-p

Unplugged info will start to flow in April, with badge stuff happening in “early Summer.” I’m going to be lead Tabletop [E] for the show, and all you Philly local people are strongly encouraged to come help.

So you’re saying you have a surplus of purple [E] shirts, and you’re asking us if we need any? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take one I guess.

Don’t worry good sir we got your back.

Everyone wants that shiny year-one shirt

I’m definitely in.

/15 characters

Hotel reservations are truly open, rather than the limited selection from when Unplugged was first announced. Panel submissions are due August 25th.

If hotel selection changed at all from yesterday to today it was likely a momentary error (god dammit onpeak). The full hotel block opens up at same time as badges.

But by all means go ahead and book now while pre-sale is still available. It’s the same hotels and rates, etc. Just additional quantity held back for people actually buying badges.

I’m probably in. I know where by bread is buttered, and it’s gaming, not anime. Also, tabletop.

If I’m going, I’m of course [E]. It’s purely a matter of how much [E] you want me to be.

We should have a chat sometime soon. I’m not opposed to coming up your way one night and grabbing dinner.

I’m not opposed to you coming up here if you bring some games.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow can someone who can buy them from work grab one for me? I will be in meetings all day.