PAX Unplugged 2017: Tabletop PAX


Remember when I said Unplugged would be start of a wave for Philly b/c the code had been cracked, regarding the unions there?


Enforcers of unplugged have to do a thing.


Haven’t been accepted yet.


That’s interesting. I guess they’re doing stuff out of order?


Ditto here still waiting.


Acceptances are coming very soon. Cremlian was a late email to PRD post-deadline, correct? So she’s still working through those. Coldguy, you applied as a newbie even though you have been E before, so you’ll have to wait for the new applications to all get processed.


That’s cool I can wait thanks for the heads up.


I applied when they asked for enforcers on Twitter. So no idea if it was late or not.


I got my email, so I will do the thing. Hopefully the rest are coming soon? (I’m a new enforcer)


Acceptances went out tonight. I didn’t see your name come through on the spreadsheet so I had just assumed you emailed PRD as a returning veteran. The Google Form must not have submitted for you, so I would email ASAP if you still want in.


yea I’m just dumb and didn’t realize I wouldn’t get a E-mail saying I got back in I would just be auto accepted :-p


Checked my email and also didn’t get an acceptance email, just going to assume it’s in the queue unless otherwise noted.


You are indeed approved, and the forums are awash in new folk, so give it a day, then ping if you don’t hear anything


Also, Purple shirts, kinda jealous, they look great!


I got my email last night, so I will get on it today.

@Churba I’m excited for the purple shirt. One of my favorite colors to wear.


At least ours went from fluorescent yellow to a more muted gold. Those first-year long-sleeve shirts were a little hard to look at.


Unplugged really did wait until the end to reject my waitlisted panel. Better luck next time with a 4-day East!


It was hangin’ on by a thread there, buddy.


I am now in the ranks, which means I have a badge I do not need. If you would like it let me know.


You can get a refund.