PAX Unplugged 2017: Tabletop PAX



So looks like 3-day badges are STILL available and my weekend just opened up. Anyone got some spare crash-space for a +1 Fri-Sat nights?


Anyone making an FRC chat group for unplugged coordination?


It appears I will be arriving in the city around 6 PM EST, if anyone is there let me know, I have games to play.



Charlotte and I are last-minute going! It’ll be my first PAX where I wasn’t enforcing, and it’s her first PAX ever. Gonna play some games and bother Luke Crane about Burning Wheel, since she read some of the rulebook and is super excited to try it.


I’m taking tomorrow off and taking the train in the morning. LMK if there’s a chat hangout or something. I haven’t committed to anything yet.


I created this if people want to use it:


Hell of a weekend:


The coverage begins.


I learned how to play New Angeles and also played a ton of Terraforming Mars. Got to playtest a couple of other games I had previously kickstarted.


I’m really pleasantly surprised at Philly’s convention neighborhood. Lots of good noodles within walking distance.


I has the pox :sob:


@keats Chinatown is pretty badass for food in the town plus the foodie culture is raising the bar for all the restaurants.


I’m doing all right despite rooming with Pox Prime.


The Reading Market is also excellent. Instead of waiting on line in the mornings I went over to the Market for breakfast.


I know every PAX is the best PAX, but this was really the best PAX. I feel more recharged after this PAX than just about any other con ever.



Would have been great if; separate video, footage and some commentary of how the games went.

Were there any Smurfs in the Tournament?


We actually left before the tournament completed. I do have the email address of the person who actually won in the end.

The scary truth? Easily 1/3 of the players in the tournament made all the baby mistakes we warned against.