PAX Unplugged 2017: Tabletop PAX


Oh shit son this is going to be lit.


The art of the deal, eh?


Requesting the new Kramer & Kiesling, the new Alspach, and all the new Friedemann games.


Rest assured you are on my list of people to ask what games I might be missing


Bringing this thread back up as I am in the middle of getting the travel stuff sorted out. For the people in New York, is it a good idea to get train tickets early or is it pretty safe to just do it the day/week of?

EDIT: Also I did sign up to [E], haven’t done it before so it’s going through the usual process. Matt, you might want to keep an eye out for it if that’s something you handle directly.


Also applyed for [E] too this time I can do precon things!


I recommended both of you on the backend



2/3 in the pax panel this year. Got rejected from Unplugged.


Everyone got rejected from Unplugged.


Of Luke is not presenting then who the hell is? I mean if someone is a shoe in for a presentation it’s him.


Unplugged is probably (for this first year) the hardest PAX to get a panel at.


They keep soliciting for Enforcers. Does not bode well.

And I am 100% confirmed NOT going. Work. Ugh. FML.

I’ve been to all the FIRST PAXes (Aus doesn’t count!), but not this one.



First denying the glory of rum, now PAX AUS doesn’t count? It’s almost like you’re trying to hurt me now.


I kid. I kid. But the barrier to go to PAX Aus as an American is pretty huge. Rym & Scott just have it like that.


It’s alright, I know. It’s a long trip, and a lot of money. But I still wish y’all could come on down and see it all.


I still have Omeganaut regret. Seriously.


Unplugged will technically be my first PAX, couldn’t go to the other one because of budget issues.


So I have a plan A when it comes to having a room, but just in case that falls through is there anyone getting a room near by or are the locals simply going to commute to and from the event?


I’m taking the train in probably everyday.