PAX East 2018


Pretty trippy for some reason seeing random video from the convention and recognizing people, places, and things when you’re not there.


I’m pretty close to done with PAX after this weekend. Meeting with friends I don’t normally get to meet with is great, and it’s fun to play games and hang out, but the security theater is not just exhausting, it’s humiliating. Twice I had to lift my shirt to show a rent a cop my belt buckle. I got wanded all but one time I went through. The lines are enormous and cause me nothing but stress and discomfort. I cannot afford to travel to Seattle or San Antonio, I’m only going to PAX East because I live close to Boston. I don’t disagree with anyone who has the time of their lives there. I had great times at PAX in the past. For the last couple of years though, I end the weekend wishing I had been able to do so much more.


My panel had an amazing crowd (even it was right before the finale). 3 people told me it was their best of the show and Twitter semi blew up after Rym tweeted it out. Now in an airport and going to try to get the vod archive for it when I land. Have some plans for the future and the future looks busy.


To avoid the security theater

  1. Enforce. Go in before there’s a big line.
  2. Don’t go in and out. Go in and stay in. Only one security theater per day.


I havn’t been back since… 2013 East? My first PAX was prime 2009 before I think it was Prime. Basically I’m not willing to put in the work to get a badge or enforce, and too cheap to pay more. Closest I came was for this East when I was ~2 hours too late to get a full weekend of badges. And then the whole hotel deal…

Starting to feel like what I should do is just go on normal vacations like normal old people.


This was my first paxeast since the first one and I was really shocked at the security lines. Those were really crazy! I was saved only because I was an idiot climbing on Monday and sprained my ankle after failing to land a dyno. This put me onto crutches and let me get a medical badge.

Skiping lines was fun, if guilt inducing, but I don’t recommend doing what you have to to get the “privilege”.

I also spent a ton of time thinking about accessibility at events like this. It was not something that I really gave much thought to before, I figured that people were handling it. I’m happy that pax does as much as they do to help those less fortunate get around and experience the show in the most comfortable way possible. I do feel like there could be a bit more done. I’m not sure what though.


We do almost everything we can for people with impaired mobility and other disabilities. The reality is that there’s just a limit on what is reasonably possible until we invent exoskeletons or cyborg bodies that don’t suck.


Did anyone see the Fireball Island demo at PAX East?


Yes. It’s fireball island. Not much else to say.


So now that it’s over, I have a general question. How do people eat at PAX East?

I generally shoot for a delicious breakfast near where I stayed in south boston (by L and 5th) then walk to the con. After this it’s ???

I walked back there one day and didn’t eat most other days until I left the con late.

The food in the BCEC is both awful and overpriced. I can’t bring myself to overpay for bad food. It’s just too much.

What do ya’ll do?

Brave the outside and line to get back in for something, eat the overpriced garbage, or not eat?


It sounds like you don’t realize there are food trucks gathered right outside the convention center.


You all can see my panel

Archiving it as we speak


Eat a hearty breakfast. Pop over to food trucks or skip lunch. Get out for dinner. Come back for gaming. I used to bring a bag of trail mix for snacking, but I usually didn’t end up eating it so now I don’t bother.


I observed those, consciously chose not to bother.

Why? I was there in person.


I was teaching games nearby every afternoon in First Look. I can confirm that while playing you roll marbles down a path, and it was very popular. I didn’t play, so I couldn’t say more than that (Restoration handled their own demos in the First Look space. Rob Daviau was there on Thursday or Friday and looked pleased.)

I taught and played Root a combined total of 10 times.


Watch this while you still can.


Is there reason it would disappear soon?


I played it. It was fun. They did a good job restoring it, as they do. It’s a light silly game that takes a half hour.

What you really need to know going in as that it is purely a dexterity game. You often get chances to flick ember marbles, snake marbles, and a big ass boulder. You flick them from their perches of varying height up the mountain, and it’s pretty much anything goes.


I have been told that Twitch does not keep videos forever.


Yup, normally vods have a 6 month life span however if you do some funky things you can keep it longer, check the page and see the previous pax archives while you can. When in doubt download it all.