PAX East 2018


I got my working schedule now, looks like I have the night shift this time around. No super art fight for me :frowning:


I got bandland in the afternoon, time to buy some comfy shoes. OTL


I got VR Freeplay in the evening. Gonna be an interesting three days.


Afternoon Tabletop, which is where I’d be in the afternoon anyway.


hey people, i know this is last minute, but the thought of missing pax east was so emotionally fraught that i think i can’t not go. i’m going to find a hotel one way or another but if there’s anyone who has a spot that’d be optimal.


Pullover hoodie :-1:


Also, while I know most of y’all don’t care about pinny, they have the first runs of the Gender Pronoun pins.


Hey, look! I designed another cute flyer, for the Jamspace at @PAXEAST_2018!
Starring @Official_PAX @MAGFest @thegeekbeat and @BOSTON8BIT.
#PAXEast #PAXEast2018


I posted about this in [E] forums, but my initial excitement shifted sideways toward “why are these only available as a complete set” and “how can we provide free pronoun ribbons for attendees as a compliment to a $30+ pin set”

I’m glad these exist, but I still want to get ribbons we can give out for free to compliment the Roll for Diversity lanyards.


That’s a really good idea! You should try pitching it directly to PA staff, though I wouldn’t know exactly who right off the top of my head. PRD maybe?


I’ll have fun costumes for East.


Reminder for someone to make a hangout for us to chat with.


We could always use the Discord


I just made a channel for that at the request of @Petimort.


Link please thank you.


Link for what?
/15 characters


It’s the same FRC Discord, Pichu just added a dedicated Pax room.


If anybody is buying the pronoun badges and don’t need the gender neutral one lemme know. ;D


I’ll hook you up.


Thank you~<3! I’ll hit you up sometime tomorrow.